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I freely admit that I spend a lot of time on zerohedge.com. Why is that important? Because zerohedge is full of the biggest, right-wing a**holes on the internet. These are people that would ...
by gjohnsit
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Why I Think Mandatory Labels for GMO’s is Bad Policy and Why I Think It Might Be Good Strategy and Why I Still Can’t Support It On November 6th, Washington voters will decide the fate of Prop ...
by marc brazeau
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I wrote my first DailyKos diary here roughly two weeks ago, trying to present my unease with the typical center-left politics of today. It was a dense and messy piece, very compact with a lot of ...
by Audrey Charbonneau
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The Center for American Progress' Think Progress website is home for one of the strongest and most widely read climate science / clean energy blogs.  Led by Joe Romm, Climate Progress/Think ...
by A Siegel
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In November, Republicans were humiliated at the polls, despite circumstances and funding that should have favored them. That signals a historic transition. It clearly shows a changing nation--a ...
by Autonomeritus
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This may turn into a rant rather than a question. I've wandered into some diaries lately that make me wonder how many tea partiests we have posting here, doing the usual Republican dirty work of ...
by I love OCD
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I live in the great state of Tennessee, and have been a progressive liberal my entire adult life. I have problems here much like anyone else as the state does not protect gay and lesbian employees ...
by zakandsantos
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In my opinion, there is no more thoughtful and well-written person out there contributing to the discussion about the continuing development of American society than my friend and activist for ...
by leftyparent
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Wee Mama introduced a poll a few hours ago to try and gauge actual reaction to Operation Hilarity. I want to do the same thing, but with a twist. Vote in both, please. Recently, several Kossacks ...
by angelajean
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Conservatives love cheap labor. They are not concerned if a laborer working a 40-60 hour work week earns ...
by LiberalTalkingPoints
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With less than a week to go in Wisconsin's effort to collect signatures for the Walker recall, many of us are understandably turning our thoughts to who will run against him in the upcoming election.
by MaryRW
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This comes late because I mainly interacted with Margaret Bassett by email. So if I didn't hear from her, I didn't think much about it. But I knew she was over 80. She was a subscriber to my ...
by mole333
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I’m not a sports writer, but I am a Cardinals baseball fan and a political junkie. So, after the downs and ups of the 2011 World Series, I’ve been thinking about what happened as a parable for ...
by gloriasb
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If you look around the MSM and the blogosphere--not to mention, in many cases, right outside your front door these past 48 hours--you’ll see it’s now all around us, thanks in no small part to ...
by bobswern
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In July 2010, troubled by the apparent failure of the progressive left to connect with a large part of the American electorate, I published an article in Huffington Post,
by Cyberoid
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There’s an excellent op-ed in Saturday’s NY Times entitled, “[http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/24/opinion/how-do-you-say-economic-security.html How Do You Say ‘Economic Security’?]” by ...
by bobswern
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This republishing of an old diary of mine is not in the spirit of vanity. It's in the spirit of MB, and his involvement in it. It was a moment when I felt good about things, and MB propped that up, ...
by commonmass
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The Rude Pundit [writes his "Dear Barack" letter http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/2011/08/dear-barack-letter-dear-barack-weve-had.html]: We've had some good times over the last few years. ...
by Th0rn
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By the time you read this, I suspect the debt ceiling battle will have been mostly won by The Bandits and you can start turning out your pockets to pay for it. While this is all regrettable, we ...
by Liberal Thinking
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For awhile now I am taking a break. But I don't want to completely abandon my efforts since people DO get something out of the info I provide. So I am doing a massively scaled down version of the ...
by mole333
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