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The estate tax is set to expire this year, and President Obama has proposed making it permanent at 2009 levels, which includes a $3.5 million threshold($7 million for couples) and a 45% top tax rate.
by Charles280
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The preferential treatment of capital-gains income is a tax boondoggle that should be re-examined if we are to talk honestly about our national balance sheet. Join me after the sweet-potato, and ...
by LogicalJohn
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Okay so this is my first post at Kos. This was originally posted over at Borgger , but I thought I'd get Kossacks ...
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David Kurtz notes that CNN actually presents US voters with some useful information.
by rjwaldmann
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I have been arguing for the past 13 years that the Democratic party can crush the Republicans by advocating increasing the progressivity of taxes. There seems to be a view that Republicans can make ...
by rjwaldmann
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