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A blog post by Mark Price, originally published at Third and State .
by ThirdandState
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A blog post by Mark Price, originally published at Third and State .
by ThirdandState
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A blog post by Mark Price, originally published at Third and State .Recent commentaries by ...
by ThirdandState
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A blog post by Mark Price, originally published at Third and ...
by ThirdandState
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in my small rural town of 5,500 people. It has five computer labs, two gyms, a 636 seat auditorium, a woodworking shop, cause we still teach shop, 4 science labs, and from the folks I've talked to ...
by webranding
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OK, so a lot of the discussion has centered around extending Bush-era tax cuts for high-income individuals. Republicans refuse to compromise. Democrats feel a need to capitulate in order to spur ...
by Benintn
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I'm embarrassed to say that I lost it in the car wash in down-town Westport, CT today. It all started out very innocently. I decided to buy some lip balm for $3.99, and handed Cash Register ...
by CTReformedRep
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Note: Every 2 years, Florida voters get a chance to literally edit the state constitution, as proposed changes to the actual text of the document are placed on the ballot. This post is ...
by norwood
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In my [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2010/5/16/866714/-My-primary-ballot:-decisions,-decisions.... previous diary] I covered the interesting races on my primary ballot and mostly ignored the ballot ...
by theran
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In many communities where the school budget is voted on many districts are in danger of those budgets not being passed. Host George Cook discusses why it’s important that we and especially ...
by glciii
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More than 100 members of this online community responded to Kimit's first diary about how he and his wife Samantha might lose their home for back taxes. The original diary ...
by Dar Nirron
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Republicans in South Carolina complain about government, complain about taxation, complain about jobs, and complain about the economy. However who is to blame but the Republicans themselves. The ...
by rdobbs2010
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I am writing this in the early morning dark because this is when the sick terror strikes me strongest. I am terrified. I have not eaten in two days, not since I received notification that the county ...
by KAMuston
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Today, there is a follow-up to yesterday's story that Doug Hoffman is "...
by KingofSpades
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Right now, this minute, after being at home all day, the sink is filled with pots and pans. I made french toast for breakfast, with blueberries and bananas in yogurt for on top with day old bread ...
by Im nonpartisan
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Let me start by saying I got no problem with private schools. None whatsoever. This is also not a rant against vouchers, teacher unions, or anything like that. It instead is a story about ...
by webranding
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I am a long time resident of California, I was raised them from 1963 when my father and mother moved us west after my dads leg was nearly torn off by a Buick on a GM assembly line, when the car ...
by testvet6778
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I know we all hate paying taxes, we get that. But those taxes go to pay for things that people all want and now EXPECT from the government. Here in Ohio, the Southwestern school district just had a ...
by Muzikal203
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Just before 6 a.m. Saturday morning pirates invaded my house. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was staging a flashy fishing opener just hours after vetoing a nuts and bolts state budget. I offered ...
by Alpha Betty
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Property Taxes fund our primary education. This practice started because in the 19th century because all of our wealth was in our houses. It made sense then because rich people would pay more, the ...
by c had
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