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On Tuesday 33 senators (12 newly elected), 22 Republicans and 11 Democrats, were sworn in by Vice President Biden, giving Republicans a 54-46 advantage in the Senate. Combined with their expanded ...
by Doctor Jazz
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At long last, the filibuster — the second-most anti-democratic aspect in American government — has been cracked. The US Senate is still not a democratic institution in principle; it still gives ...
by homunq
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On Sunday, DailyKos' Steve Singiser had a diary out talking about the flawed premise of listing the 17 seats that would have to fall to form a path to a Democratic House majority and how such a list ...
by Stephen Wolf
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By now you've probably heard that last November, American voters chose to give Democrats control of the presidency and both chambers of congress in this past election. Wait, both chambers? No, ...
by sawolf
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About a week ago, Harry Enten had a great article in The Guardian debunking the common wisdom that gerrymandering lies at the root of the polarization of Congress. Many articles on progressive ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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I was struck by the Norweigian response to the terrorist attacks in Oslo. In an interview, an English-speaking questioner seemed to be pressing Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg to admit that perhaps ...
by Oregon guy
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Ready to work for political change you can count on? We can break the cycle of bias that keeps us from pursuing a more perfect union. Christian Science Monitor ...
by tdeluca
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This is the 43rd chapter of the Utopia/Dystopia series. The story follows one character in two possible futures.
by TPau
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(crossposted at Attack of the Machine Elves )
by Big Tex
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Stochastic Democracy breaks down the results of new paper, concluding that attempts to take the subjectivity from drawing legislative districts by imposing compactness("Roundness") requirements are ...
by davidshor
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Hey Kossacks, This might be a minority interest, but today sees the results of the European Parliamentary Elections being released. 27 member states of the EU have held elections (all with slight ...
by Morus
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As a result of the tight Democratic contest, I am sure the DNC will take up yet another tinkering of the primary calendar and the process for electing delegates. A lot of ideas are bounding around ...
by kendg8r
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I was working on this diary with ABC news on earlier. And heard their Political Director Mark Halperin say: "Obama has won more delegates, but Hillary has won more states."
by Land of Enchantment
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I want to make the case for Nader’s candidacy. This is not an endorsement of the man or his program. His decision to run urges consideration of structural ‘democracy problems’ in ...
by jackms
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Part I of this memo here , Part II here ,
by Eric Schmeltzer
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by tonyfv
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by MainePaco
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by gshenaut
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