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. . . . compensation....................... A friend sent me the following. I thought it would have been really funny. Except for the fact that I will now be looking for it's product offering in ...
by DKAtoday
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Mother Jones passed through Indianapolis Saturday on the way to Washington, from Colorado. "Mother" is looking fine; full of vim and active, as ever, in the cause she has devoted her life to. ...
by JayRaye
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Do you feel that the least amongst us should or should not be able to earn enough by working a minimum of 40 hours a week to live a good life?
by DKAtoday
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Then we see protests. When the authorities say they will investigate - while taking absolutely no actions to address (during or following such investigation) - we see more people stop pretending to "
by DKAtoday
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Consider: What is one of the worlds greatest concerns and source of strife (armed conflict for access to and control of)? It is the ability to create electricity (power) as well as fuel for ...
by DKAtoday
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This is my 1st contribution to this site = Daily Kos. I have found many good articles (good food for thought & for sharing) and opportunities to directly participate in actions - presented here. I ...
by DKAtoday
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So many groups; so many reasons. Timeserving Congress critters, of course, hate losing a perennial threat to keep the electorate focused on something other than their reps' performance. If people ...
by hannah
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I am at that stage of life when I normally should be actively making plans for retirement in a few years, and yet our circumstances are such that I am instead losing sleep over our current financial ...
by nonlynnear
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Early Voting in Perth Airport Traveling in Australia this week. Wonderful place, nice people, four of the top ten most livable cities in the world out of a population 2/3 that of California. Didn'...
by wmt
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Cross posted at Working Man Radio . Please recommend this diary, like the video, and share it with your friends. The other day, diarist Will Smith wrote an open letter to "white anti-racist ...
by Conceptual Guerilla
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A politcal poem Help my unbelief I do not believe that hunger can ever be justified. I do not believe that peace is a pipe-dream. I do not believe that prosperity is only for the few. I do not ...
by ruleoflaw
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Silly premise, I know. But still it stretches the old grey matter a little bit. It started off as a comment, but that 'old soul' in me, thought it might be post-worthy. SOOOO, If you suddenly ...
by jamess
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We're just going to have to run harder. A new survey published in Forbes magazine lists the happiest countries in the world and America isn't even in the top ten. It wasn't a small survey, ...
by boguseconomist
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Much of the rise of the rightwing agenda , to turn workers into interchangeable drones most of whom are grateful to simply still have a job, has been driven by the Libertarians multi-billionaires ...
by jamess
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Patriotism begins when citizens care about each other, why do we have freedom, fairness for everybody not only just for the powerful?. Because we have empathy, we care about each other, without ...
by Sisay
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I drove down Cleveland Avenue in Newark this afternoon, and there as always, was Porter Chevrolet. Its lot was full of cars for sale. It would not be there but for Obama standing up for, or I'm ...
by kavips
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The debates are passed. A thousand stump speeches have been ground. The candidates have spiced the rhetorical pot with everything from Benghazi to Big Bird. And yet, there is a word I have not heard,
by Crashing Vor
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Last week, I was honored to have authored the highest impact diary for the week entitled, "A Tea Partier Just Called Me A Communist. Watch MY SLAM DUNK Response." . Check it out, in case you ...
by Conceptual Guerilla
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So I'm working this morning, like I do everyday, trying to come up with ways to promote my film , when I get this email from a guy who used to call my radio show over in Jackonville. His name is Rod,
by Conceptual Guerilla
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(Cross-posted at ColoradoConfluence.com) The following was in response to a right-wing poster who had “steam coming out of (her) ears” over some left-wing commentator suggesting that “...
by Steve Harvey
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