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In 1893, the "Financial Panic" gripped the United States as the economy fell into recession and the ranks of the unemployed and homeless swelled. In response, an organized group of people from all ...
by Lenny Flank
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You might have been thinking that big snowy land to the north was a place that hadn't lost its mind or its traditions of liberal democracy in this new world of global terror and corporate rule. Ha ha!
by Th0rn
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I am all for protests and redress of grievances when government is seen to be abusive, neglectful, or indifferent. However, damaging a memorial erected for those fallen in the line of duty seems a ...
by Village Vet
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More than 700 Kansans flocked to the state house in an event that was first announced on Wednesday of this week through Facebook. The rally served as a response to Governor Brownback's removal ...
by Chris Reeves
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Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activist community of the Bay Area upset over recent bigoted remarks and policies promulgated by San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone ...
by MPetrelis
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A recent article reported Christianity is growing by leaps and bounds in Iran, at around 20% each year, and that Christianity is growing faster in Iran than anywhere else. Is this Iran's new way ...
by Sofiamo
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This is a picture of the Greek Parliament in July, 2011. And this is a picture of the Greek Parliament in 2012.
by gjohnsit
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(Seattle MLK Day Marchers - Photo by Mark Taylor-Canfield) On January 19, marchers took to the streets in Seattle to mark the city's 33rd annual Martin Luther King Jr. birthday celebration. ...
by Mark Taylor Canfield
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19 arrested after protesters cause major Seattle traffic backups http://shar.es/1b4ze5 Sadly our nation has serious problems they shouldn't have.We should be dealing with Infrastructure problems, ...
by Vet63
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There was steady rain on a grey Sunday this weekend and the NFL Championship games were being played. However, neither of these things prevented a full house from amassing inside the Apollo theater ...
by thirty three and a third
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Part of what makes the #BlackLivesMatter movement potentially devastating to the powers that be is the continual disinfectant light on both the inner workings of the police and the justice system in ...
by thirty three and a third
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While the rest of the country is busy commemorating the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the many constructive ways people will choose to do so, students at Clemson University are busy ...
by AyDeeTheGreat
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by Marko the Werelynx
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“The police are taking this to a whole new level of intimidation. That is the only reason to bang on someone’s front door at 1:00 in the morning,” said Dave over the phone.”I am modest, and ...
by noise of rain
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Bear in mind that I have no idea what the phrase "agree with the other side" is supposed to mean. I find that the words "agree" and "disagree" are often misused and misunderstood in political ...
by GrafZeppelin127
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Kumtor mine, Flickr photographer, anonymous. Background Centerra Gold Mining is a Toronto based excavation company that focuses on gold extraction primarily in Central Asia and other emerging ...
by Pakalolo
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It's a question I ask in earnest in response to debate elsewhere on DailyKos. It's an assumption by some, not all, and not me that I feel needs to be further examined. Do we, people with an ...
by Tausendberg
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To protest police abuse renders great honor to the officers. Protesting in front of people with weapons and the authority to use them shows that you believe they are decent and lawful people. It is ...
by CA148 NEWS
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by Fuzzytek
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This will be an image-heavy diary. I'm still working on the videos (they came through rotated wrong) and I do have one incident on video of the police grabbing a black man and yanking him into their ...
by raptavio
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