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Today and Tomorrow the FDA will be accepting public comments regarding their proposed changes on the regulation of homeopathic drugs in the United States. As a long time patient of homeopathy, I ...
by weegeeone
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Everyone is familiar with the story of Roswell, New Mexico, where an extraterrestrial spaceship supposedly crashed and alien bodies were recovered and hidden by the US Government. But if the ...
by Lenny Flank
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Try your hand with the meme generator http://memegenerator.net/ The image of the two torture shrinks, Bruce Jessen (left) and Jim Mitchell (right) is at the meme generator site and is called ...
by atana
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Here we go again. "Researchers" trying to show that a pseudoscientific concept is real medicine, but failing so badly that only true believers would qualify it as real "evidence." In this case, ...
by SkepticalRaptor
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Let's make something clear right here, at the beginning of the article–there is a vast amount of legitimate scientific literature that describes evidence that GMO crops are safe to both human ...
by SkepticalRaptor
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Uh oh. In a recent issue of _Science_ (August 22, 2014), Virginia Morell, reports Wolves cooperate but dogs submit, study suggests . You realize what this means, don't you? "Are you a dog or a ...
by doomvox
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I know I shouldn't use the conspiracy theory fallacy when talking about the pseudoscience-pushing science deniers, who are the bread and butter of topics for skeptics. But, when I keep observing ...
by SkepticalRaptor
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I usually don't dwell too much ...
by SkepticalRaptor
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In case you're assuming that it can, it really can't. Since any reasonable person would understand that homeopathy violates some of the basic principles of physics, chemistry and biology. And ...
by SkepticalRaptor
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As some of you know, I have a passion for the subject of Genetically Modified Organisms. Yet others have said or would say I'm a shill, benefiting financial for expressing my "so-called" autonomous ...
by ksenapathy
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One of the most tiresome discussions that a scientific skeptic has ...
by SkepticalRaptor
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Originally presented at Skeptical Raptor's Blog. Herewith is an online discussion with someone about the science of the earth's moon. Or,
by SkepticalRaptor
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Genetic Modification is a contentious topic these days. Many consumers demand their right to know and right to choose whether or not to purchase GMOs. Read on for some of the science behind GM tech,
by ksenapathy
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Image credit As a liberal, democratic parent, have you ever felt thankful for your Western privilege? Read on for a heartfelt piece about why empathetic, pro-science parents (and non-parents)
by ksenapathy
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For decades, fans of the paranormal have debated the supposed phenomenon of "Spontaneous Human Combustion" (SHC), in which people have apparently burst into flame from the inside, and are consumed ...
by Lenny Flank
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When Kate Mulgrew, best known as the star of Star Trek: Voyager and now a co-star of the Netflix-only drama Orange is the New Black , was asked to do commentary for a science documentary film called ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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via Mediaite There ...
by Hunter
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A recent poll has me perplexed. Pretty perplexed. An increasing number of Americans believe that astrology (the belief that the apparent motion of the planets and stars through the heavens actually ...
by terrypinder
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For all that I try to Just Not Deal With religion these days, doing my best to live and let live as long as they're not trying to deny science or legislate against me or my friends' existence... ...
by filkertom
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Google News sends me a notification each day with all the day's stories related to PTSD. Usually I just read them and scream, or cry, or hit my forehead with my hand. But for the last few days I'...
by hepshiba
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