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Public Knowledge has as website, that proclaims House Republicans proposed draft legislation last week that would let ...
by HoundDog
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Indiana really is the crossroads of America, politically that is. The state is at the center of privatization, a hot trend for our nation’s Republican governors and mayors. GOP politicians and ...
by Janemoss08
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By now, I have tried out approximately one gazillion concepts, arguments and images intended to convey my passion for art's public purpose. Some have great persuasive power and some, ...
by arlenegoldbard
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I asked Kossacks to help me document Republican lies awhile back, and everybody said No. It's too much work for too little reward. Soon after, I had to give it up, too. Today, I have a new ...
by Mokurai
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The diaries like this one discussing anti-democracy corporate influences have been excellent. There was some ...
by bruh1
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We have seen the signs, the Malthus ian forces are gathering, in their final assault on whatever shreds of security the middle class had left.
by Andiamo
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Surprisingly, when I've posted to try to convince people of the huge benefits to making healthcare affordable by moving to a single payer health care plan like those enjoyed by the people of Canada, ...
by Andiamo
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will be staged in London, UK for world viewing on next Thursday, 2009 April 2. The major characters will include the political leaders and finance ministers of the G20 nations, public protesters, ...
by vetforobama
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Greetings and salutations from Athens, GA! My name is Russell James Edwards, and I write to invite you to visit the University of Georgia School of Law for a weekend of exciting public interest ...
by hipyphishy
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I need to talk to several lawyers, actually. As many as I can arrange. If you're not a lawyer, you may enjoy lurking, but you probably won't find this of great interest. That title was ...
by Seneca Doane
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I've been tinkering with this diary for a while. Several diaries posted today, perhaps most influentially edscan's "The ...
by Words In Action
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It is rare that that the Washington power stuggle between the rights of American taxpayers and special interest influence comes so sharply into focus.The hearing now before Congress into oil ...
by Nospinicus
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I put forth this document as an articulation of the New Covenant that attempts to convey the rights, duties and responsibilities of America in the 21st Century.
by joegarcia
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