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I graduated from a relatively large public high school in a impoverished area in rural Maine last year, having completed all 12 years in the local public school system. In case you haven’t noticed,
by thePhoenix13
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Is it just me, or have the Republicans been increasingly more aggressive over the past 3 years or so in the execution of their (now) pretty bald-faced class warfare? This seems especially true on ...
by Conn Man 8D
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Seeing that the public education system is getting a lot of attention lately, I wanted to share some of my observations of the public school system in Seattle, WA. I am not a teacher and I am not ...
by seattledad
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School's out for summer School's out forever School's been blown to pieces No more pencils No more books No more teacher's dirty looks Out for summer Out till fall We might not go back ...
by Clytemnestra
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cross-posted from Sum of Change One of the treats of this year's Netroots Nation, was the timely panel about right-wing ...
by SumOfChange
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Detroit plans to close more than a quarter of its public schools at a time when private foundations are pledging hundreds of millions of dollars to reshape the Detroit public school ...
by primarydoc
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Nebraska's moronic congressman, Lee Terry, is speaking at my son's government class today. I had to sign a permission slip for him to attend it. It made my stomach turn to sign, but i did so because ...
by Paula68154
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All the teachers at a low performing High School in Rhode Island will be looking for new jobs next year. A school that performed poorly on Rhode Island state tests will have all new teachers and ...
by Orinoco
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How many instuctional days do you have with your students? I know that we cannot reasonably compare those across our assorted disciplines and levels of teaching by using numbers of days. Let's ...
by mommyof3
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Some time ago I did work for a man who was promoting a truly radical idea regarding the act of negotiation between two competing nations. Ostensibly it was an attempt to provide a kind of complete ...
by cabaretic
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I was floored when I read this column in the Eagle Forum's Education Reporter. I can't seriously believe that someone would be ...
by egalite522
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From the Superintendent of schools in Westport, CT:
by Russells 10
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OK, so we've all seen the misinformed at the town halls. Some (R) legislators get pumped up with the swastikas and feed the crowd what they want to hear. Some praise Glenn Beck, some others suggest ...
by my2cents4TX
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Cross-posted at MotherTalkers . Good morning fellow moms, dads and caregivers! I am back with your weekly parenting news update. Here are some ...
by Elisa
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As many of you know, the head of the RNC Michael Steele was once a Lt Governor in MD under Bob Ehrlich. According to an article in the Baltimore Sun this morning, last night at a Townhall Meeting ...
by Linda S
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It's December 20 and I'm stuck in Salt Lake City (booooooo!) because of an airline snafu yesterday. No luggage and no flight out until tomorrow, but I'm happy anyway, because today is Kitzmas! ...
by the law of ducks
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The purpose of public school is not to "prepare young people for the workplace" -- the purpose of public school is to educate young people so that they will be knowledgeable enough to elect leaders ...
by futurebird
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I do not blame all Christians for his actions, but this man is insane. http://www.mountvernonnews.com/local/08/06/20/freshwater_upd2.html The investigators found that Freshwater: Used ...
by AHiddenSaint
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I thought my first diary might be about campaign tactics...or possibly education...or health care...or the war. But now that I’m here, I'll simply write an old-fashioned, unabashed and ...
by drumlanrig
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If you thought the Resolution for Christmas and Christianity was bad you haven't seen anything yet. Rep. Steven King thinks EVERY child should learn Christianity in public school. http://...
by AHiddenSaint
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