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In the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school bloodbath last month, National Rifle Association Vice ...
by Jon Perr
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On Saturdays, with her grandmother mostly out of the room, I tutor Guadalupe Figueroa, aged 14, at the family's kitchen table. There is a picture of the Last Supper hanging above us, with colorful ...
by karmsy
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Cross Posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette Yes, the grand ...
by priceman
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The United States lost more than 100,000 teaching jobs between June 2011 and June 2012, part of the 300,000 teaching jobs lost since June 2008. But this summer, teacher hiring was ...
by Laura Clawson
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This seemed newsworthy, so here's what I found out about it. Some might call it good news for President Obama's campaign. Good news, bad news on jobs numbers by Mickey Hepner, edmondsun.com -- Sep ...
by jamess
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President Obama and Mitt Romney may be scheduled for their first of three debates next week, but there is really no debate when it comes to the progress we have made on jobs and how much further ...
by Karl Frisch
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US112 - Government Hiring Cushions Unemployment Government should hire when it has sufficiently productive things for people to do given labor costs. When people are unemployed or underemployed, ...
by GregOrr
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You bet your ass they are. Yesterday a small grass fire exploded when the trade winds jumped to 30 MPH. Pictured here is the Maui Fire Department helicopter dropping his bucket into a large pool ...
by hobie1616
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roads, bridges, sidewalks, traffic lights, water lines, sewer lines, electric lines? education, weather stations, fire stations, emt's, police force, highways, train lines?
by jamess
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I’m in a particularly grumpy mood this morning as I think about the almost-completed water tower maintenance in our small town and the inconvenience that came with it. No, it’s not what you think.
by David Satterlee
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By Abby Lane , Fellow Cross-posted from NWLC's blog, Womenstake They say that bad things come in threes. So in honor of the “recovery”, which celebrates its third anniversary with today’s ...
by National Womens Law Center
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I'm writing this diary nearing the end of what has been a tiring week. To be fair to the parties involved I am not even directly involved in the events to cause the weariness, I am but a side ...
by idbecrazyif
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In a supposed ["fact-checking" article last week, http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/20/us/politics/fact-checking-obama-and-romney.html?pagewanted=all] the "liberal" New York Times swallowed whole and ...
by Upper West
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by Mark Fiore
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"All the property that is necessary to a Man, for the Conservation of the Individual and the Propagation of the Species, is his natural Right, which none can justly deprive him of: But all ...
by jillwklausen
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This is a very short diary. Mitt Romney wants to cut jobs for teachers, cops, and firefighters. Obviously he is denying this, but we all know it is true. If we did not also know that Romney has a ...
by lincolnliberal
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The media had a field day on Friday, over the weekend and continuing into today about President Obama's remark that 'the private sector' is doing fine. By contrast, Romney's comments about the need ...
by eXtina
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"Politics," Republican Senator Arthur Vandenberg declared during Harry Truman's presidency decades ago, "stops at the water's edge." Not, it turns out, for Mitt Romney . Three years ago, Romney ...
by Jon Perr
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Gov. Mitch Daniels appearing on Fox News Sunday does, indeed, believe there is a message to be taken from this week's Governor recall election in Wisconsin. And that message is, that it is time to ...
by eXtina
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About six months ago, I was finally able to walk away from the private sector career I'd survived for nearly twenty years. I'd landed my dream job working in IT for a public organization here in ...
by Auntie Neo Kawn
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