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This is closed all the way. Slightly springy but not much. The point is pointy but not particularly sharp. 5.78 New Swedish Inches or 171 mm long. 45.6 orts or 194 grams.
by aoeu
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by aoeu
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The basic tool. It is obviously an outside caliper. 16cm long. I have no idea why the jaws are triangular and it must be noted that the inside surfaces are square and parallel but the outside ...
by aoeu
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Ten inches tang to tip. Duck bill shape.
by aoeu
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Hello, everyone. I'm here to present the puzzling case of Governor Romney. As a psychiatrist practicing in Massachusetts, I have to say that I’m also confused as to what Governor Romney’s ...
by Ptolemy
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by aoeu
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The new year will bring new challenges, so to end 2010 I thought I'd post a challenge that has no political slant. Does anybody else remember this old puzzle? If you have a copy in your dusty file ...
by JG in MD
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Hello, puzzlers. I only learned just now that our puzzle master is having computer problems. Maybe Santa will bring a new laptop down the chimney? Anyway, here is a last minute puzzle for you. I ...
by pucklady
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explain. All of my life I have loved solutions for odd problems. I don't mean saving someone's marriage, I mean things like this: I buy apples, pears, fruit like that and I want to eat the skin as ...
by Crispian Day
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Here is a fun little puzzle for you, from Scientific American. Curiously appropriate to some of the debates we have been having lately. Let's say there is a medical test that tests for disease XYZ.
by mattinjersey
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I saw this puzzle while browsing around the net this morning, and the comment threads that usually ensued were absolutely fascinating, so I thought I'd see how the dkos community would react. I'm ...
by dmsilev
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by Dave the Rave
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