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I just heard some Republican Rep on MSNBC claiming that Medicare would be insolvent in 2016 -- as a justification for why the President needs to "negotiate" with Republicans. Something about that, ...
by jamess
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What R-word? The Revenue R-word. If the R's ( Republicans ) were really serious about solving our National Debt -- they'd be using that verboten R-word too. Washington , We Have a Revenue ...
by jamess
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The “National Atheist Party” appeals to the rebel in many of us but if we want to be true rebels we will work within, rather than allow ourselves to be pummeled by, the system. I'm proud to ...
by NationalAtheistParty
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British economist John Maynard Keynes saw a role for Government in an Economy. Government should be the "buyer/employer" of last resort, when all other buyers/employers are waiting it out, for 'less ...
by jamess
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For me the "Different" was the stigma of growing up " Poor " in America. (You can fill-in your own blank there, as the case may be.) Not as hard a road as some, yet still hardly a piece of cake. (...
by jamess
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by jamess
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Remember back when Rick Perry wanted us all to know how seriously he takes his Religion? So seriously that Perry "jumps into action" by writing his prayers into the state record . Guess he ...
by jamess
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In Portland Oregon, economic times are hard, elsewhere too I would assume. Good Jobs are hard find. Economic Futures are hard to predict. Sometimes social media support turns against you -- and ...
by jamess
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by jamess
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I woke up this morning to a surprisingly frank and sober discussion on Face the Nation , about Weather vs Climate, Extreme Weather events as they relate to Climate Change. The general consensus of ...
by jamess
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Isn't it funny how those who couldn't perform a Scientific Experiment , or even understand the results of one, if their livelihoods depended on it, -- are usually the ones that appoint themselves as ...
by jamess
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Did it really exist? ... How would we know? Except maybe, by the random photo of it ... World’s unknown species ‘can be named’ before they go extinct by Melissa Hogenboom, BBC News -- ...
by jamess
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If you had to decide to keep millions employed, and keep a important skill-set industry vital; Or let an entire industry Go Bankrupt , sold off for parts to pay the bank-rollers, -- Which would ...
by jamess
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First the dodgy Op-Ed, penned by one sketchy Candidate. You really don't have to read the "fine print" to get who's side Mr. Dodgy is on ... Let Detroit Go Bankrupt by MITT ROMNEY, Op-Ed ...
by jamess
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I am an avid reader, but I can only read so many books a year. And sometimes, I am just too busy, or tired. I have kids now and that means less reading, for pleasure or personal research. I hit ...
by GreenMother
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Facts are a stubborn things. Inconvenient too, for Politicians that avoid them like exercise and spinach. Facts let us do "Apples and Oranges" comparisons . And such factual comparisons give us a ...
by jamess
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Mitt Romney likes Bird Bird -- BUT Mitt Romney is going to fire him anyways ... larger image In the last debate, Mitt Romney said as much -- that he likes being able to fire Big Bird (PBS's Jim ...
by jamess
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Romney promises to create 12 million new jobs (audio) by O. Kay Henderson, RadioIowa.com -- August 8, 2012 [...] Romney promised that his own proposals would lead to economic growth. “ We’re ...
by jamess
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My Sister and I just had a long conversation...another long conversation, concerning our father who has Alzheimers. It wasn't pleasant. He started down this path about 12 years ago, maybe more. ...
by Keith930
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[...] BILL MOYERS: Fit this all together for me. What does the suffering of the Native American on the Pine Ridge Reservation have to do with the unemployed coal miner in West Virginia have to do ...
by jamess
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