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There is a quiz from the Constitution Center that is short (11 questions) and sort of fun that determines which Founding Father you are most ...
by BFSkinner
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Most of the quizes online that try to gauge your views with a philosopher are not too good, or written by Joe off the street. I found one that seems to be better compared to the others and was ...
by BFSkinner
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Do you consider yourself a Republican, Democrat, or Independent? I consider myself Independent but tested out as a Solid Liberal:-) I despise labels on people for anything, but Independent still ...
by roseeriter
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I used to do these kinds of diaries a lot more often, and I've not done one in ages as I've not found a quiz that I think would work well. Well, here ...
by BFSkinner
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Which famous philosopher are you? Surely you've wondered? Well, the fine folk at select smart have your answer.... just ...
by BFSkinner
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This week's mystery progressive was a media ground-breaker. It's another in my series of one-click quizzes, designed to make us stop for a sec and remember people who had the guts to be liberals ...
by gloriasb
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We're going international this week, with the next in my series of "guess the progressive" quizzes. Until this week's subject was suggested, I hadn't really thought about his/her place in the ...
by gloriasb
Comment Count 4 comments on Sun Jan 30, 2011 at 12:52 PM PST with 1 Recommend
Every so often I find web quizzes that I think people would like and I post them here on the great orange satan so that people, if so interested, can take the quiz, post their results and discuss ...
by BFSkinner
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You can find all of that out right here in a nifty little quiz. It's fun, and it gives you a pretty good read out based on a series ...
by BFSkinner
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Which of the reindeer are you most like? Dancer? Cupid? Every so often I do hard hitting quizzes... this is not one of them. ...
by BFSkinner
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Every so often on a Friday night I pull out a poll or quiz and once in a while people ask about the good old Myers-Briggs...well... here it ...
by BFSkinner
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and do some good at the same time. I've posted this a few times in comments, but a slow Saturday before Thanksgiving seems like a good time to remind folks about ...
by FarWestGirl
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Well...I used to post these quiz urls all the time but have not in a bit until I found How Progressive Are You ...
by BFSkinner
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I've posted a version of The Easiest Quiz in the World at: Prairie State Blue . It's aimed at ...
by Frank Palmer
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Every so often I get asked to put up a quiz that I find online. Well, I found another one that is sort of fun and I thought you might like it...yes you, you, right there, in the orange sweater and ...
by BFSkinner
Comment Count 191 comments on Thu Aug 12, 2010 at 05:43 PM PDT with 37 Recommends
As I've done other times, I'm reposting our weekly quiz -- some funny and scary stories during the last week. Enjoy!
by mwmwm
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Though provided weekly on our site, I only occasionally post these Pre-Apocalypse News and Information Quiz zes here. But there are some good ones this week, which you might enjoy.
by mwmwm
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I have always had a think for discussions of philosophy, and wondered if there was a divergence between those people who self-identify as Progressive versus those that would not in which philsopher ...
by CameronProf
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I used to, back when my brain was more sharp, do these diaries a lot more often. Unfortuantly I've not been able to do them as often. However I found ...
by BFSkinner
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I posted the following video earlier today, and it made me realize how much I miss "Home"
by BFSkinner
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