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I missed the McCarthy era. Technically speaking, I was around at the tail end of his tenure as ruler of the airwaves and print, but, as a new born, my access to those organs of communication was ...
by Barth
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by JekyllnHyde
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Rachel Maddow On the History of Republican Race Baiting Be Scared Be Very Very Scared. Yesterday I blogged about the right-wing character assassination whack job ...
by thinkingblue
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A column by Wesley Pruden that appeared in yesterday's Washington Times is ...
by Sue Sturgis
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Why Obama lacks "blood impulse" for what "America is about" and it's also due to the fact that his father was kenyan. Are you kidding me ? So Obama has no "blood impulse" for what America because a ...
by LaurenMonica
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(And your Best Person today is Katie Couric - if anyone underestimates her, they do so at their own peril.) Glenn Beck. Not pundit Glenn Beck, not talk show host Glenn Beck, but now officially ...
by grannyhelen
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Glenn Beck may be feeling slightly less than relaxed and rejuvenated after returning from vacation on Monday. Since he's been gone, the number of advertisers who've signed on to dissociate ...
by Kate Thomas
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Why? This from Halperin.
by Bostontom
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UPDATE: SHOW ME WHERE THE GROUP OF ATTACKERS WASN'T BLACK AND I'LL PULL THE DIARY. Two White gay males were viciously attacked by a group of Blacks yelling an anti-gay slur as ...
by Dont Follow Leaders
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In light of the Ashley Todd hoax, one I hope goes into the ignominious political history rather than in the annals of shrewd strategy, it's important to examine all the ways we've been assaulted ...
by NewsOneWriter
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We all know the story by now. Drudge report. Flashing light. "Dark skinned" black man mutilates McCain volunteer. Victim personally speaks with Palin and McCain. Obama camp offers statement. ...
by Hank Skorpio
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I have had enough of this. I have had enough of the "virtual" lynching of Black people that takes place in the mainstream American media on a DAILY BASIS. The archetype of the Black person as "...
by mka193
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Oh say it ain't so. Now that John McCain and his trash talking Fundamentalist running mate have ginned up the rhetoric about Barack Obama until their crowds resemble angry white lynch mobs,they come ...
by Interceptor7
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Unbelievable. When you have 7 or 8 houses and you want to give tax cuts to oil companies, you might disagree with a middle class tax cut......
by RKA
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I just saw Pat Buchanon Pukecannon ranting on Hardball about how it was Obama that dropped the race card because Obama referred to McCain's camp as saying that "he did not look ...
by Fireshadow
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Pat Buchanan is stuck in the KKK world of shamelesness and get can't himself out.
by Ladyna
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I've noted with interest the communiques from Rick Davis of the McCain camp accusing Barack Obama of playing the so-called race card during the past 24 hours. Mike Glover wrote in today'...
by Mr Populist
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In an editorial in the [http://www.Boston.com/bostonglobe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2008/05/30/healing_the_wounds_of_democrats_sexism/ Boston Globe] Geraldine has a new line of attack;
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This is from the political blog, Last Kaul . I'm every bit as sensitive to racism as the next liberal who grew up in the suburbs and attended a Big-10 ...
by cakaul
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There is quite a fire-storm over Hillary's comments about "white Americans". I think my opinion is much different than many here. To put it simply: "Like a fish out of water, she is flopping ...
by JackSlims
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