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I tuned in to see Melissa Harris-Perry yesterday subbing for Rachel Maddow. Melissa showed clips from a town hall event hosted by Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. It looked she had a packed ...
by Frank In WA
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Has anyone else noticed, in the last couple of weeks, some of the charts Rachel uses are being set up "backwards"?? It's bugging us A LOT.
by chimene
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Dear Rachel: I watch your show every night and greatly value what you consistently offer your viewers. That 18-minute initial segment is outstanding most evening! However, I appeal to you to ...
by walkabout
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A nearly delerously happy Rachel Maddow was interviewed last night by Stephen Colbert after not sleeping for two days after hosting MSNBC's all night election coverage. Stephen brought uproarious ...
by HoundDog
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Not a complete fail and this isn't any slam on you as you do some of the best reporting on the tube or streamed, you do have an important point, trouble is you keep leaving out the most important in ...
by jimstaro
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Ezra for Rachel, last night: "Chocolate chip cookies are supposed to be gooey -- Runways are NOT supposed to be gooey ." Also scary: Roads that have buckled in the summer's record heat. It is ...
by jamess
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A tree fell in the media's forest yesterday, but no one heard it. Except everyone else who was there, in Madison Sq Park, Bryant Park, Union Square, on 5th Ave, and on Broadway. And who also happen ...
by thirty three and a third
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Yesterday, upwards of 1,500 people marched on the Ann Arbor-area home of Governor Rick Snyder to protest Public Act 4, the Emergency Manager law. In case you missed my liveblog, you can see low-...
by Eclectablog
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Today's post is an encore for last year's Dr. Rand Paul, Civil Rights Patriot .
by MoGemStone
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Last night, on his MSNBC show, Ed Schulz finished the evening with a piece about the Emergency Manager issue in Michigan. One particularly interesting point made by Rev. Alexander Bullock from the ...
by Eclectablog
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I used to watch you guys a lot. I got mad a lot. I laughed a lot. Then I realized what I was laughing at. Jon, Jon, Jon ... as Dorothy said, I think I’ll miss you most of all. You have a ...
by fourthcornerman
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Diary below the ...
by LaFeminista
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This is a comment on Jon Stewart's appearance on Rachel Maddow's show and how Stewart's comments expose the bankruptcy of trying to disparage other people as crazy left in order to ...
by CharlesII
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So I was sitting awake in my bedroom with my brother at this ungodly hour, and we decided to watch the latest episode of Rachel Maddow to pass the time. Little did we know that by the end, we'd be ...
by Tyler R
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by Egberto Willies
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This will become a live-blog of the interview, once it begins. Just one day after the nail-biting primaries (most of the "nail-biting" coming from the other side) MSNBC's ...
by YoungChicagoDemocrat
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Thanks to Chris Hayes, filling in for Rachel Maddow tonight, for pushing back against false equivalencies.
by teapot37
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Rachel's, um, refudiation of the case against Shirley Sherrod illustrates one of the biggest reasons why I am a big fan. Join me below the fold for more.
by chicating
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You ever have one of those days where your timing is just off, all day? I had one, yesterday. So, of course, now a by-the-numbers recap is going to feel pretty dated. So I offer this, instead.
by chicating
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Cross-posted at Eclectablog.com . I'm so ...
by Eclectablog
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