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Unfairly? Seriously? After all we have had to put up from them for years? A top spokesman for the Republican National Committee got heated during an interview Friday on CNN, saying Republicans ...
by LaFeminista
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A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district. Groups ...
by smileycreek
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Vyan posted a diary yesterday that showed us a hideously sick and disturbed photoshop of a new national holiday being created out of lynching President Obama. Well, that horrible lynching image is ...
by smileycreek
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With a hat-tip to John Perr's little-read civil war diary I present without comment what I said in his diary: There has only been one "Duck Commander" as far as I am concerned, and it's Groucho Marx.
by commonmass
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Dick Cheney's refusal to rethink any decision or vote he cast in a different time under different circumstance is telling about him and his mental state. It's amazing that when oppressed people ...
by aboyer
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Although it's no surprise that racism permeates all areas in American culture, it has returned again to the world of sports, but this time people are taking notice...
by Will Smith
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by Alec Kohut After the disgusting display of a Confederate battle flag outside the White House during a rally hosted by Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin (neither of which at the time, nor since have ...
by Politics and A Beer
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Both the Associated Press and the Kansas City Star made a mistake allowing the general public to comment on the controversy surrounding the rodeo clown with the Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair.
by azzonie
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President Obama spoke at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix about housing and the economy while hundreds protested outside. Some of the shouts were: *Don't be weak, pipelines leak!* *Joe Arpaio ...
by arizonablue
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by Vision
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Hypocritical Hypocrats I am sick and tired of seeing racist, right wing, knuckle draggers making profits off of people that they hate as human beings. I am talking about, but am not being specific ...
by thoughtspitter
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by poopdogcomedy
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This'll be a short diary because the videos speak for themselves. Remember the Cheerios commercial that got all the racist's knickers in a twist? If not, here's a reminder:
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It's one of those topics that rears its head whenever The Right get scared and frustrated at folks from other lands who break our laws... They are always ready to annihilate everyone who isn't ...
by babylonbros
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One thing came across my mind when I heard the interview with the uncle...when he called them losers -- and I weighed it against a small interview I saw on Fox news this morning... and thought ...
by babylonbros
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Ah yes the right wing outreach program swings into gear once again “I love gay people. I love straight people,” Can you guess what the apology is? I certainly apologize if I offended anyone ...
by LaFeminista
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In reaction to this article , which just happens to be the main headline on Drudgereport at the time of this diary posting, see the commentary to the article below, which I submit to you without ...
by GoGoGoEverton
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Seriously! Quotes to follow.
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Today we have two hilarious and related items: First, we go to Tinseltown. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Montana's own Gerald Molen, the producer of the right-wing documentary "Obama: ...
by Montana Cowgirl
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I'm trying to convert some of my conservative family members to the light of liberalism. While I'm generally able to discuss issues calmly and rationally, at times I get serious and passionate and ...
by proudstatist
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