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First numbers are now up, link up shortly. Debate drew less than 30 million viewers, 40 million less than the 72 million in 2008.
by NorthEasternJim
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It's been about 24 hours since the 1st Presidential Debate of this 2012 campaign season and I need to vent, so bear with me. We worry so much about 'low information' voters. I think we need to ...
by smoothnmellow
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Congratulations MSNBC!! Two nights in a row, in the coveted 25-54 age demographic, MSNBC beat Fox News in the number of viewers. Huffpo has it [http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/20/msnbc-tops-...
by BayAreaKen
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Now that both parties have held their extended infomercials (aka conventions), data is coming in from polling that shows how the parties fared after the most tightly controlled, self-directed ...
by News Corpse
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I've been following cable news network numbers for both Dem and GOP conventions since my acquaintance at MSNBC started forwarding last week. The big news out of both conventions is that CNN's ...
by Richard Cranium
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There has been concern about how DNC viewership would be affected by last night's opening NFL game and NBC dropping its coverage of their primetime convention coverage. Well, the initial ratings ...
by MBishop1
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The Republican National Kvetch-a-Sketch wrapped up last Thursday with a speech by Mitt Romney that threatened to put the makers of Ambien out of business. The speech was mostly notable for what he ...
by News Corpse
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People just don't like claymation. The ratings are in and Mitt rolled snake eyes last night, losing 14 million viewers from McCain's atrocious 2008 acceptance speech. Nielsen ratings are people, ...
by Billionaires for Wealthcare
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He was touted by the Village as a superstar who would electrify the country, but the markets have spoken, and surprise, surprise, once again, the Beltway media is wrong. Ayn Ryan's speech tanked in ...
by Billionaires for Wealthcare
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Greetings!, and welcome to DailyKos. If you're reading this diary sometime after its publishing, you've presumably shat a brick over the fact that your comment seemingly disappeared into thin air. ...
by weatherdude
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While there are many things that BUG me royally today. Scott Walker getting away with some months more, with being a GOP anti democracy bully loon. Mitt the pitts not being super apologetic ...
by laserhaas
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Make no mistake, Minnesota has some awesome high schools producing state, national, and even world leaders. The yearly U.S. News rankings of America's top High schools are out. The usual ...
by AlecMN
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::click:: ...
by JanF
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Welcome, New Users, to Daily Kos. This Diary is intended to help you orient yourself to the site and ask questions about how to use it. In the Body of this diary you will find some links ...
by LaughingPlanet
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How many listeners does Rush Limbaugh have? Well, in the press there are only two numbers you'll ever see -- 20 million or 15 million. Those are large numbers, so that is why Limbaugh is taken ...
by Cenk Uygur
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If you think that you have been inundated with Republican candidates yelping at one another on television for the past year, you would be right. So far there have been 17 GOP primary debates aired ...
by News Corpse
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In another example of the declining fortunes of the right-wing extremism propagated by conservative media and displayed so prominently by the GOP family of clowns competing for the Republican ...
by News Corpse
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Yesterday I laid out what is probably the most likely scenario for the 2012 general election for president, Obama v. Romney. Today I will focus on Rick Perry's chances against Obama as of today, ...
by chriscom
Comment Count 13 comments on Sun Nov 06, 2011 at 02:10 PM PST with 4 Recommends
Can you imagine the disappointment that some in the mainstream media were feeling only months ago as they pondered the prospect of covering the long campaign trail of the GOP primary with Mitt Romney,
by Kaneblues
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by Mark Fiore
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