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I had a birthday recently and I decided to celebrate with a bit of a Favorite Thing, French Roquefort cheese. Whole Foods had none, which amazed me -- and I noticed several other French staples ...
by atana
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A View of our Western Pennsylvania dairy from across the valley I have been lurking for a decade on Kos and I sometimes comment, especially when the subject is dairy. I was a dairy ...
by vmdairy
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Colorado Cantalope Farmers Arrested for Listeria Outbreak That Killed 33 HOLLY, Colo. — ...The cantaloupe growers' farm is considered the source of a national listeria outbreak that killed at ...
by bernardpliers
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The Illinois Department of Public Health recently invited a local farmer of raw milk to a meeting to discuss proposed restrictions on the fledgling industry. Apparently, concerns have been raised by ...
by johnnymonicker
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I am a vendor at the Schlafly Farmers' Market in the town of Maplewood. I help sell the produce and baked goods of an urban farm and bakery in the city of St Louis. Today I saw something unexpected.
by charliestl
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When I lived in Portland, I paid $10 for a gallon of milk. This wasn't store bought milk, of course, but raw milk. It came from a farm south of the city--a piece of land leased by two wonderful ...
by aimlessmind
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An entry in The Household Economy I love butter. I grew up eating margarine, but those were dark days indeed and I try not to think about them now. Instead, I think about butter, and I eat it. I ...
by aimlessmind
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As snow started to fall, a Mennonite dairy farmer arrived at the courthouse in Baraboo, Wisconsin, on March 2 for a hearing on four charges against him related to the production and distribution of ...
by Bekah
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It would seem that it never ends in Wisconsin. Of the state and home of the Green Bay Packers and cheese heads who are proud of their dairy products and mid western family ways we also have a ...
by laserhaas
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"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty." -- Thomas Jefferson Why do we submit to the law? We can't run very fast. We have no sharp ...
by TPau
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Seriously, what is going on in this country?!? This could be a story straight out of Soviet Russia, but no, this is happening in America, and right now. And sadly, it'...
by posse comitatus
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Local agriculture is under attack. This summer the FDA, in cooperation with state health officials, orchestrated raids on CSAs and private food markets in California and Wisconsin.
by preck
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Thank you Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Recluse, Wyoming. Like the Seattle Times, how did you know that I did not have enough work suing Cargill, Nestle, Con Agra, McDonald's, Peanut Corporation of America, ...
by Bill Marler
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The big economic news is all over the place—lately the truly dire unemployment figures which have administration officials suddenly hemming and hawing instead of bragging about “green ...
by lao hong han
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Andrew Martin has been wonderful about providing in depth stories on farming to the New York Times. This one is no exception.
by Scaredhuman
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The public has been badly served by the media. Government raids against farmers are not being covered and most particularly the connection between the raids and the vested corporate interests being ...
by Scaredhuman
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A few years ago, I was invited to an international conference on food safety where I participated in a panel discussion alongside a young, intelligent and very serious dairy farmer from the state of ...
by Bill Marler
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Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) is pushing to get a provision into the Food and Drug Administration Globalization Act of 2008 that would give the FDA the power to issue mandatory recalls of ...
by Scaredhuman
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On Friday - April 25, 2008, in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, Mark Nolt, a Wenger Mennonite (Horse and Buggy Mennonite) dairyman, threatened for months with arrest for selling raw milk without a ...
by Scaredhuman
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Hillary Clinton got away with an amazing feat in Pennsylvania. In a dairy state, one in which there are two looming bans on milk - one to ban labeling of milk associated with a 7 times increased ...
by Scaredhuman
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