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What a contrast with the first term! President Obama started out in 2009 all hope and reasonableness and promises of sincere discussions with all views taken into account. When the Republicans ...
by monkeybrainpolitics
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Yes, The GOP Believes In Real Change Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and the entirety of Team Rape, otherwise known as the Republican party, are touting "Real Change". If you want their "Real Change", this ...
by Jillian Barclay
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This is another Olbermann diary. I am stunned. I am sad. I feel like another true progressive voice, has been silenced -- talk about First Amendment Remedies! You see Keith Olbermann ...
by jamess
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I have been thinking for some time about how progressives keep on getting short-changed with political and social advancements. I think that it is time for a change in strategy. I know that we dont ...
by phatrat82
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That is what I am told all the time. Oh you are just one business in one city, in one industry. This doesn't mean every one else is going through the same experience. Except they are. Let's see,
by sharistuff
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Oh.No. Our president is willing to state his view on an issue clearly and accept political compromise with the other side in order to get to an actual solution. That solution may be nearer to the ...
by bollucks
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We Have the Best Congress Money Can Buy How many times must this be said and how many of us will just roll over and accept it? I will insist that this can be changed because ...
by TheTrucker
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Overall, the energy plan proposed under Obama’s good name, is a lure. It views energy as cheap, a self contradiction, and takes some shiny objects for a serious foundation. Ignoring worldwide ...
by patriceayme
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I was chatting with one of the organizers in the VA office about my desire to work in WV, because I'm confident VA will turn blue and I want to turn WV blue as well. She said things were tighter in ...
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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Sure, all the polls say we are going to win. Barring martial law, that is likely to happen. But winning is not enough. We have to DOMINATE. That means sixty seats in the senate. I'm not ...
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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Since the primaries, I've spent most of my "street" time in the People's Republic of Northern Virginia. I've been as far south as Rappahannock County. It is inspiring to see the level of support ...
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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First things first: Politics aside, I would hope that the education of children would not be used as a platform to spread outright lies, propoganda, and personal beliefs, especially the racist/sexist/
by Omen
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It is my contention that Barack Obama's Cabinet be picked early on and those people become part of the campaign to take back America from the corporatists who have pillaged, privatized and ...
by ST2P
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After listening to Barack Obama's speech I was touched by his message of power of the people and specifically all Democratic ideals that can drive this country to a new set of change. He talked ...
by dvogel001
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The Obama Campaign has made a habit of not distributing "street money" to ward leaders in previous elections, and they've said they don't plan to do so in Pennsylvania, either. Yes, we all know ...
by Saska
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An enduring critique of Hillary is that Barack relies on "mere words," and that words can bring "real change." This made me think of Faulkner's Nobel Acceptance speech, which can be found here. http:
by denis diderot
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John Edwards represents real change, and he would be the peoples's president. It's perfectly clear that John Edwards represents the kind of change America needs, REAL Change from the stranglehold ...
by KaritaHummer
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(Crossposted from the frontpage of Docudharma ) An America that tortures is not my America. An America that denies healthcare to its citizens is not my ...
by One Pissed Off Liberal
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