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We've finally reached the end of Redistricting Commission saga, on Monday the Commission finally passed the final maps on a 8-3 vote (3 of 5 Republicans voting no). The final maps that were ...
by farleftfagala
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Last time , I did a diary depicting a relatively fair map for the Kentucky State ...
by KingofSpades
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In Kentucky, Republicans have held a majority in the State Senate since the 1998 elections. As such, Republicans had a voice in the 2001-2002 redistricting process. Then-Speaker Jody Richards (D-...
by KingofSpades
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Cross posted at [ Dirigo Blue http://www.dirigoblue.com/diary/3538] Earlier this spring, a complaint was filed in Federal Court demanding that Maine reapportion its two congressional ...
by Spud1
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It's done! My first completed map using Dave's Redistricting App (DRA). It took me two evenings to complete it and some confusion, but it's done. For my first map, I decided to do the ...
by KingofSpades
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In Colorado the legislature does not draw it's own maps, a commission draws the maps and they are sent directly to the Colorado Supreme Court for approval. The Commission is made up of the following:
by farleftfagala
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To commemorate redistricting, I decided to crank out my calculator and see what each state and territory's House delegation size would be if the Wyoming Rule or the ratio being used for the ...
by BluntDiplomat
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by dgb
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by dgb
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My neighborhood is split into two different precincts and legislative districts, which means neither representative has to listen to us. They can all go forage for votes fifteen miles away. This ...
by wjhamilton29464
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by Neon Vincent
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First, let me say that there is no doubt that the congressional reapportionment news resulting from the census figures today is not good news for progressives, especially when it comes to the ...
by BlueMenace
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The new 2010 Census figures are out. You can find all the charts, spreadsheets, etc at the Census web page: http://2010.census.gov/news/press-kits/apportionment/apport.html For New Yorkers the ...
by Andrew C White
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Tomorrow the Census Bureau will release the population table for the ...
by craigkg
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Apparently, the New York State Republican Party, which just regained control of the State Senate, now has set its eyes set on eliminating the 23rd District, currently represented by William "Bill" ...
by Upstate Blue
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Yeah, I know, that was painful for me to write as well. The last thing anyone wants is *more* members of the U.S. Congress embarrassing themselves and their constituents. However, with the just-...
by Brainwrap
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The US census takes place once every ten years. The census itself is mandated by the Constitution in Article 1, Section 2 (something you can mention ...
by thefourthbranch
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Remember last year, when pundits declared that the 2008 elections were proof ...
by ProgressiveSouth
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Yesterday the Census Bureau released its 2009 population estimates for the States, which will be the final set released before State counts from Census 2010 are released next December. http://www....
by JackND
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The Census Bureau has released its annual population estimates , so that means the usual players are in ...
by David Nir
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