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The desperation of the campaign of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk and her SuperPAC allies continues. Earlier this week I noted the shameful attempt on the part of the Falk ...
by BloggingBlue
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Dear Kossacks, I am writing to tell you “There's BIG TROUBLE AHEAD where you live” . How do I know this? Because Scott Walker sent me a letter today telling me so. "...
by suejazz
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A Huffington Post article reports that Arizona state senator Jack Harper (R-Surprise)
by Zera Lee
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On April 23, 2010, the day Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the infamous immigration bill -- Senate Bill 1070 -- I made a decision to travel to Arizona to work on a book and documentary on the ...
by DeborahRobinson
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Alleged sham candidate Olivia Cortes has withdrawn from the recall Russell Pearce election. There was a debate scheduled tonight at 5 pm, but I would assume she won’t be there, although she had ...
by notdarkyet
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The Wisconsin Netroots are abuzz after Senator Feingold released a ‘ message from Russ ’ announcing he will not be running ...
by HarryWaisbren
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In a desperate bid to retain power, the Wisconsin GOP hatched a plot to run fake Dem candidates in that state's recall elections. Chris Bowers wrote last week about the secret tapes that exposed ...
by Desi
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It just keeps getting better. After news broke yesterday that Republican Wisconsin State Senator Dan Kapanke had been secretly ...
by FlotsamInaWebSea
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Poor Dan Kapanke--every time he opens his mouth another "WHOOPS!" pops out. The besieged and soon to be recalled Wisconsin State Senator ...
by scribeboy
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This weekend, I read about the supporters of Proposition 8 calling (but not officially) for a recall effort against the Supreme Court judges who vote to overturn Proposition 8. I was appalled, of ...
by msgalnca
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I know this is a double edged sword and likely to be pretty controversial, but I'm curious about whether we could generate some net roots pressure for Congress and the President to perform by ...
by MusicalJustice
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