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This might just turn into an ongoing series. In the last five months six guns have been recalled (well five and one "we are not recalling but we will fix the problem we denied exists"). Now we can ...
by DrillSgtK
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Remington has been in the news a lot for recalls, but now they insist that even though they will replace the trigger of the Model 700 rifle - on every one ever made, over 7.8 million - they are not ...
by DrillSgtK
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What happens when a state elects a superintendent of public instruction who opposes public education? Most states would prefer to avoid finding out, but Arizona voters -- ever intrepid when it ...
by wolfbane in AZ
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Put 'em away. Let me start with a warning.
by Ian Reifowitz
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After US Supreme Court rulings opened the floodgates for megabucks to be funneled into our elections and ...
by Puddytat
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Some weeks ago I had a conversation with a fellow Kossack about the need for sane laws concerning guns. I was told that gun control was a losing issue for Democrats and that it would cause us to ...
by Susan Grigsby
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GM, Like BP, Will Use Multidistrict Litigation and the Fund Approach to Limit Its Liability April 3, 2014 The Faulty GM Ignition Switch Since February, 2014, GM has recalled 2.6 million cars - ...
by Brian J Donovan
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The March 31 NY Times has a report on GM and the citrus problem - it was clear the Cobalt was a lemon almost from day one. Danielle Ivory and Rebecca R. Ruiz take a look at states with Lemon Law ...
by xaxnar
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There's a nice fellow from the Lansing Delta Township (LDT) plant in Lansing, MI that I enjoy talking to. LDT builds GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave, Chevy Traverse and once upon a time, Saturn Outlooks. ...
by Future Gazer
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An old adage says: Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. It looks like there may be plenty in the newly revealed John Doe Probe which is active in several counties in Wisconsin looking at ...
by Puddytat
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by kos
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Crazy guy won this round. Tuesday night, the NRA-fueled ...
by kos
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The NRA wants to punish lawmakers for ...
by kos
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Carolyn Cathey delivers a letter from 43,250 Kossacks to KRDO-TV. Photo by ProgressNow Colorado. With the Colorado state Senate recalls slated for Tuesday, there’s a reason why the NRA could ...
by Paul Hogarth
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by kos
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Let's beat this asshat. In Colorado State Sen. Angela Giron'...
by kos
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This isn't new. But it still makes my blood boil and I figured I'd share it once more, apropos of nothing but flagrant Republican hypocrisy (that the Democrats utterly FAILED to use in the 2012 ...
by AnnieJo
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by kos
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How many more gun massacre memorials do we need ...
by kos
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NRA exec Wayne LaPierre desperately needs these Colorado victories. It's our job to help deny ...
by kos
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