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Cowspiracy- the Sustainability Secret , a documentary ostensibly exploring the effects of livestock on the environment was released seven months ago. Somehow, perhaps due to being an expatriate, I ...
by FinchJ
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Contrary to certain opinions, people who experience poverty do have hopes, dreams, and potential. Poverty can be a state of mind as well as a category of socio-economic status. There are some rich ...
by mixedbag
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PVT McKinley Johnson PVT McKinley Johnson was a WWI solider assigned to F Co, 811th Pioneer Infantry, ...
by skeyewalker
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The Good Guys I confess. It's often easy to talk as if conservatives don't know what they're doing. You see Rand Paul stepping over bodies to rail about cigarette taxes, Louis Gohmert mumbling ...
by Mark Sumner
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Rolling Stone just said that because of discrepancies in their story they no longer trust the rape victim. As the parent of a daughter and a faculty member who has heard a number of similar stories (
by wilbur
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Sixty thousand kids are at our border, having recently sought refuge from a violence few of us could imagine. For those of ...
by Betsrutan
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As everyone who reads my posts can attest to, I am not a Charlie Crist supporter. I have a very hard time believing that he has done a complete 180 degree turn on EVERY belief he has ever held in ...
by Leslie123
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by carolanne
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I live in Douglas County, Colorado. We are fortunate enough to have excellent public schools. UNFORTUNATELY, however, we have a truly terrible school board. Dominated by Republicans, the board has ...
by BadKitties
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Hey guys, sorry to release a new diary after just publishing one but this one is important. Senator Mark Begich (D. AK) continues to fight to protect and strengthen Social Security: http://www....
by poopdogcomedy
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Republicans have continuously attempted to describe America as a Center Right country. Unfortunately most of the media have bought into this fallacy as well. This false sense of reality has ...
by Egberto Willies
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Look for this in a state near you: Got a bachelor's degree? Get good grades in college? Congratulations, you're now eligible to teach in an Indiana middle or high school — no special teacher ...
by zenbassoon
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When it is decided that a school may use solitary confinement and even electroshock to control a student in America, you might be shocked yourself. But, when corporal punishment is used on Autistic ...
by ShockandAwed
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CNN (CNN) – Hours before President Barack Obama campaigns in Boulder, Colorado, a new survey indicates a very close contest between the president and Republican nominee Mitt Romney for the ...
by rem123
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I've been lurking the Hannity (gasp!!) boards for a few weeks now. When I first went to the site, I expected everyone to be Sean Hannity on STEROIDS... but I must say that over these few weeks, I've ...
by LibbyD
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I thought I would Introduce Dr. Sam Wang of Princeton Consortium's dissection of bounces in general and where things stand as of today. It is a good read for anyone interested in understanding the ...
by Iseeurfuture
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Obama is likely to win. But it is looking like we may lose the Senate. This would in effect render the next two years of Obama's presidency largely blocked by obstructionism from the Greedy Oil Party.
by mole333
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I know that diaries are supposed to be a couple of paragraphs long, but this is really worth watching and passing on. Unfortunately I don't know how to embed the link so you'll have to click to ...
by Msanger
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I've been reading alot of comments about how people are maxed out financially and how while they want to donate more money to the Obama Campaign they just can't do it. I'd like to suggest something ...
by Msanger
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On May 31st, I was able to attend the Comcast Shareholders meeting in Philadelphia. Our goal for the meeting was to get the corporation to dump ALEC and acknowledge they take advantage of tax ...
by S Kitchen
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