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and quote this poll found on some website called " twitchy " (do Nate and Sam include twitchy data in their aggregators?). It has Rmoney up by 4, and apparently had him up by 4 a couple of weeks ago.
by misterwade
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Eric Erickson wrote a blog tonight that explains why conservatives have spent the last 4 years saying no to everything that the President and Democrats have tried to do to solve the problems in this ...
by Anton Bursch
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Yes, I've been donating money, making phone calls and knocking on doors for local Dem candidates. But I've also been donating and calling all over the country for other Democrats, including ...
by Nancy Meyer
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I read it so you don't have to. Below I have the image (no need to give him hits), but if you are skeptical of this, here is a link: https://twitter.com/EWErickson/status/263706561451536385 First ...
by saxoman1
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Erick EricksonVerified ‏@EWErickson You Too Can Be Like Former Daily Kos Blogger Nate Silve r http://www.redstate.com/2012/11/01/you-too-can-be-like-former-daily-kos-blogger-nate-silver/ … via @
by Olympia
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I attended a Tennessee Democratic Party shindig yesterday here in East Nashville where a guy shouted in my ear [the decibel level in a room full of animated politicos all talking at once rivals a ...
by nellrose
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I kid you not, just saw this : Erick Erickson, a conservative who is critical of Mitt Romney but has defended his 47 percent comments leaked on Monday, conceded that his remarks were "dumb" on CNN'...
by SanJoseLady
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Dear Mitt, With tremendous effort, I have bestirred myself from my Station Upon the Couch to send you this dispatch from the Land of The Forty-Seven Percent. And I have to tell you, this typing ...
by El T
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I went looking this morning for fallout from the latest Romney disaster. I found a fresh thread by one of the honchos there, Erick Erickson, " Conservatives Agree: Romney's Right " I was right that ...
by J Edward
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The rats are fleeing the sinking ship. Erickson, just like the rest of the GOP didn't want Romney, didn't like Romney but still pretended America would learn to love their guy even if they could not.
by The BigotBasher
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Wednesday I paid a visit to Red State. I thought today would be a good time to follow up. All is not well over there, as you might have guessed, and Mitt is not universally loved. Comments were ...
by J Edward
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I took a cruise over to Red State, first time in a long time. I even have a nickname over there and did post one diary but lost interest in trolling. Found both idiocy and wisdom. Results below ...
by J Edward
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For most liberals, the Constitution's aspirational goal for "We the people" to "form a more perfect Union" is a guiding statement of American national purpose. Nevertheless, these days many blue ...
by Jon Perr
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By now, you must have heard of the new meme 'Putin is afraid of Girls' .
by ffour
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I hear you already. " Montana? A whopping 3 electoral votes? Almost 100% red since the 60's? " Look under the surface.
by Arbo
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My Political Comment for the Day: I am proud to be a Democrat... a liberal Democrat. A liberal Democrat in Oklahoma. I'm also a U.S. Navy Veteran. All of these things considered, it takes patience ...
by imobannon
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Red State went there: The Breitbart Crew has done the world a very valuable service in finding a 1991 biography of Barack Obama from his literary agent claiming he was “born in Kenya and raised ...
by fladem
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by Steven Payne
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I was surprised. Sometimes I do, click over to RedState I mean. Most of the time I regret it, heh, and click away in a hurry; sometimes I don't. Frankly their obstinate ranting is amusing sometimes.
by Hammerhand
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Some fun from Red State below the squiggly line:
by Vote4Obamain2012
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