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In a discussion held during Perry's bid for the 2012 Republican nomination he openly mentioned that Texas had, during his administration, readied legislation calling for Texas to secede from the ...
by Jerry Anderson
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Proud to sign SB95 protecting life at its most vulnerable stage with bipartisan support http://www.kansascity.com/news/government-politics/article17622698.html TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Republican Gov.
by ATexican
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This is my first diary and I have to state upfront that 1) I am not Jewish and nor to have any direct personal ties to Israeli - other than a couple of nice people I met in the course of my life - ...
by hadrons
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"I've always believed that change doesn't come from the top down; it comes from the bottom up." -President Barack Obama, September, 2009 It's been Obama's mantra since the beginning of his ...
by ProseAndThorn
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i just wanted to enjoy this rare sunny winter day.
by hillbillyfairy
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OK, so that isn't the most original title for a diary.....you don't know which Blue we mean, do you? Even so, I hope it got your attention, at least enough to discover.... Are we sad blue? Are we ...
by The Marti
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Was Oklahoma justifiably horrified when the AP revised its tests? We found the test online and thought is was totally reasonable. Check it out at and decide for yourself.
by maxfolger
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So. There you are, stuck in the backwater of a flaming red state, feeling like the only kid wearing sneakers to the prom. Lonely, ain't it? ...
by The Marti
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When the Southern states tried to leave the Union, the ensuing war ended this ambition for the time, but it still simmers below the surface. We need to find a way to vent this pressure or it could ...
by T C Gibian
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Is Governor Scott Walker and the Fitzwalkerstanis in control of the Wisconsin State Legislature trying to get Dem voters to leave the state? That's a theory of James Rowen's in the Political ...
by Jake formerly of the LP
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Back in '09 when the bill that would become Obamacare was being assembled in the US Senate there was a slew of so-called Dems from states like Montana, SD, ND, Ark., and Neb. who were hard to get on ...
by Just the facts 45
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This will be brief posting...maybe. If there is a take away about last night it is this: Progressive ideas are actually popular among voters in red states . I did a brief overview and this is ...
by txprogressive12
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That's right, Conservative consumers of porn in red states, if you elect Republicans, they will take away your porn. You know how "Religious" Republicans are, how quintessential family values are to ...
by amateurpsychologist
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People not voting is a problem. A young person asked me today why people don't vote, in light of everything that is America today, and I had a million answers but not any one very good one. I ...
by RationalSouthCarolina
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If you read what I write around here with any regularity at all, (A) that'd surprise the hell out of me! and (B) you're probably sick of hearing me say things like "If conservative polices are the ...
by Front Toward Enemy
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I can hear it now. Whoa, boy. You have gone to far. But no. Hear me out. The republicans have allowed their current brand of fanaticism to unhinge their judgment. This is good. Why, you ask. .
by T C Gibian
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Forgetting the Soviet Missiles of October 1962 Cuba, when Red Army ground commanders were authorized to launch nuclear missiles at the southeastern third of America, like a hell fire hurricane season,
by The Reasonable Voice
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A church in Alabama highlighted America's addiction to taking quotes out context when it quoted Adolf Hitler on a billboard -- one that was supposed to be about child education.
by maxfolger
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After seeing a link on Twitter, I took a look at the AFL-CIO's latest "Death on the Job Report," which rates all 50 states for workplace safety (or lack thereof). If you take a look at the 15 ...
by Jake formerly of the LP
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by Egberto Willies
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