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The federal agency that investigates refinery catastrophes released its final report late last month on the massive fire, volatile vapor release and toxic smoke plume at Chevron’s Richmond, Calif., ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Keystone XL Pipeline Protest Demonstrations in Michigan I just stumbled onto news that there are 6 protest demonstrations scheduled for Michigan TODAY....all around 5:30-6 PM....addressing ...
by LakeSuperior
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Pittsburg, CA is a small city across the Bay and up the Sacramento River from the San Francisco. (Truth to tell, despite living in the area, until recently I couldn't have even located ...
by jpmassar
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August 6 was the 68th anniversary of the day we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and marked the 1-year anniversary of the Chevron refinery explosion in Richmond, CA. It became apparent in the years ...
by Glen The Plumber
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by RandW
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Just yesterday CNN Money came out with an article suggesting inflation had increased at a not-fast-enough rate due to the fact that gas prices decreased once again during the month of April. Insert ...
by SoonerG
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News is reporting that there was recently an explosion at what is described as the world's second largest refinery , located in Venezuela. Right now, 39 people have died. Sounds like the death toll ...
by samfish
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Topics: BP oil rig leader sought onshore advice on troubling test results, testimony reveals, BP Oil Spill Criminal Investigation May Ensnare Executives In Cover-Up, Former BP engineer is indicted ...
by peraspera
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Topics: BP Whistle-Blower Says Gulf Atlantis Facility Remains Unsafe, P Atlantis whistleblower alleges imminent safety threat for first time, Judge wants 'minimum of sealed records' in BP platform ...
by peraspera
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BP, Massey Energy and Tessoro are all using their safety award plaques like shields to deflect accusations of recklessness. The disconnect between safety prizes and dead workers has enabled these ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Last week, Massey Energy and its CEO Don Blankenship repeated their contention that although 29 of their workers died in the Upper Big Branch mine explosion earlier this month, they emphasize safety ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Five are dead in Washington; 29 in West Virginia. Workplace explosions killed them. Both employers, a refinery and a mining company, have been cited for safety violations. America must introduce ...
by Leo W Gerard
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Part of the progressive agenda should be a much larger investment in transit and intercity rail than the current federal budget (which is rather anemic). Why? Gas prices are high and are only ...
by djwinfo
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Texas Governor George W. Bush, June 23, 2000 , blaming the Clinton administration for high gas prices because they were in ...
by BlogD
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by play jurist
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