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It's been awhile since I've written a full diary but I'll use a new one to keep going a discussion I got into on another diary that quickly fell off the list. (Agnostic's excellent entry ...
by artmartin
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please grow a ...
by lizvocal
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When are the Democrats going to get some back bone? They were put in charge of the House and Congress because people were tired of the "do-nothing" Republican ruled legislature. They were also put ...
by penguinwoodman
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Reader caution: The following diary contains sexist cliches, sacrilege, and violent imagery if you have a proclivity to imagine violence.
by david78209
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People are blaming this Congress, and the previous one, for allowing this President to invade the sovereign state of Iraq. If that Congress gave approval for that action, this Congress can ...
by edscan
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You know we keep hearing about Democrats not having the backbone to take on the Republicans and President Bush with respects to this war in Iraq. We keep hearing Democrats refuse to cut the ...
by cscmm
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While the iron is still hot from the recent GOP obstruction of the Senate to vote on the Iraq war withdrawal timetable, NOW is the perfect time to send your pennies, dimes and dollars to the ...
by MrBlue
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First of all...hats off to (George Washington) Kos for rallying the troops. This is a struggle that will involve losses as well as wins. Having said that our proxy's in Washington still ...
by Agent Orange
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Oh, boy, do I love competition. The latest smackdown of Faux Noise by Edwards and the other Dems who told Roger Ailes to put it ...
by occams hatchet
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by David Swanson
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by Sebastian Trump
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by Troutfishing
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by Gottlieb
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by Arthur Ruger
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