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It is Easter Sunday, I'm sitting in the local hotel room trying to gather support to rebuild The Veterans Green Bus. I need to raise $7,500 in the next week to get her fixed and on the road.
by gordonsoderberg
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Daily Kos, It has been a while. Sorry, I've been a bit busy these last 4 years helping to start Veterans Green Jobs, building the Veterans Green Bus, and Helping get United Peace Relief organized ...
by gordonsoderberg
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NASA Satellite image of Hurricane Sandy [ This is an extended version of an essay written for Four Quarters InterFaith Sanctuary’s 2013 Wheel of the Year Calendar Age of Limits Supplement . ]
by SamuraiArtGuy
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by thinkingblue
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When it came down to it, you didn't think about politics, you thought about my unemployed mother. As a political junkie, and a hard-left Liberal, Im not happy with the compromise. But as a son, I am ...
by coolelegans
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Hi everybody, Using every social networking channel I can think of. I have a friend on the West Coast who is desperately seeking word of her 85 year old mother in Rockaway, NY. We're trying to ...
by UnaSpenser
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http://lunchpailleft.com/ Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you walk into an open sewer and die. Mel Brooks In a move that is both tragic and comedic at the same time the Romney ...
by djrobertjohnson
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There was a front page diary yesterday explaining that natural disasters are a reminder we need government . But our government goes far beyond that, preventing or alleviating unnatural disasters ...
by TheOrchid
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Book Review: Solnit, Rebecca. A Paradise Built In Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise In Disaster. New York: Penguin/Viking, 2009. Two years after Naomi Klein's well-reviewed (2007) ...
by Cassiodorus
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So I mentioned I was going to work at this cool restaurant... I had the right geographic idea - island - but completely wrong ocean. I am a bit pacific biased. Puerto Rico is not in the pacific.
by Mortifyd
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I'm sick and tired of seeing, day after day, diaries from Obamaloves and Obamahates being at the top of the recommended list. JUST STOP RECOMMENDING THIS CRAP! They uniformly lack solutions, but ...
by Disgusted in St Louis
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Got this in my mailbox so I copied and pasted...... Conflict and natural disasters are wreaking havoc on families around the world, and ShelterBox needs your help. ShelterBos USA http://...
by TexMex
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For those of you not in the know, the past couple of weeks have been long ones. My Mother-in-law's mental health had a bad set back, leading to mania and paranoia for which she was hospitalized. ...
by mapamp
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From the Huffington Post: Missouri Tornado: Churches Coming Together to Pray and Help ...
by slksfca
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Asshole and amoral. Thanks to Think Progress for letting us know that Eric Cantor is both an asshole and amoral.
by gchaucer2
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Note: This originally appeared in a diary from akmk . Please go there to t & r.
by Plubius
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Japan still reeling days after quake. The earthquake and mostly the tsunami killed over 10,000 people and ...
by Plubius
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The earthquake and mostly the tsunami killed over 10,000 people and left 10x that homeless and totally without personal belongings. Japan is a rich country with a strong social safety net, but it ...
by Plubius
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A year ago today I could feel myself falling in love. Not the love that hits you over the head, not irrational, sudden chemical lust/love, but the kind that says 'gosh, this is clicking nicely. I'
by parryander
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A cholera outbreak that already has left 250 people dead and more than 3,000 sickened is at the doorstep of an enormous potential breeding ground: the squalid camps in Port-au-Prince where 1.3 ...
by GlowNZ
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