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You know what I really, really hate? I hate when somebody adapts a Jane Austen novel for stage or screen and thinks they can improve on her dialogue. They can't. And furthermore -- oh, strike that. ...
by Emmet
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While the number of Americans who identify as Christian has declined in recent years, the recent Pew poll has found another interesting statistic. The number of LGB Americans who identify as ...
by librarisingnsf
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Oops. Seems to be happening a lot these days. People are forgetting to renew their website domain names. It might not be the end of the world for some, but ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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James Comer may emerge with the GOP nomination despite past allegations of domestic violence Leading Off : • KY-Gov : SurveyUSA takes a look at next Tuesday's increasingly nasty GOP primary, ...
by Jeff Singer
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35 Founding Father Quotes Conservative Christians Will Hate http://reverbpress.com/politics/founding-father-quotes-conservative-christians-will-hate/ Christian Group Asks Pastors To Investigate ...
by Vet63
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I constantly hear politicians complaining about the imagined abuses of our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms, or our 1st Amendment rights of religious freedom yet hear almost nothing about the other ...
by arky70
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Not since Johannes Gutenberg made the Bible more accessible has information been so easily and (potentially) democratically shared as today. Pew Research just released the results of an extensive ...
by Walter Einenkel
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For those who think that my story of my mother is a lie... Please see below...
by nicolemaschke
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A recent NOM blog post covering some news is just more proof that the religious right feels entitled to have its religion decide all questions of law and policy (the short hand word for this is "...
by leftprogressive
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by Vetwife
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One of the common features found in many—and perhaps most—religious traditions is the mystical experience in which the realities of time and space are suspended and there are feelings of awe and ...
by Ojibwa
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An Auburn, Nebr. woman has filed a case in Federal court in Omaha, seeking to have the court decide whether homosexuality is a sin. Really. More below the sinful orange taffeta.
by Village Vet
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Americanism is often referred to as "America's secular religion." I have some notes and speculations on religion in general and Americanism in specific. Religion is an interesting word, its origin ...
by redwolfe
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This post is aimed mainly at Americans. Religious persecution has two sides: the persecuted, and the persecutor. You are the persecuted if you are being hassled for, or prevented from, ...
by Lori Renee Fye
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Have you heard about the new fangled cry for "Religious Freedom"? Has it penetrated your psyche as it seems to have penetrated the right wing conservative mass? Religious freedom, that's a GOOD ...
by Paenumbra
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The Satanic Temple begins legal aid fund to offer exemptions against, and actively challenge, arbitrary, insulting, and outright harmful anti-abortion legislation. The Satanic Temple (TST), ...
by Doug Mesner
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Everywhere I go, I read about the new strategy for Gay marriage or how not to let the right wing use the subject in elections. Or, how to get the religious to except gay marriage (an utterly ...
by thepanamarick
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time for the dizzy monster to eat dark holes in the spirit world' On this blessed, gettin' up Sunday morning I would like to talk about faith and the power of GOD...God...god! (think Echo...echo.
by thepanamarick
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Monday Morning Sunday School Today's sermon comes from: The Church of the Holy Secularist Reverend Penne addresses the "War on Marriage": The Devil is in the Details, or Lack Thereof. Ted ...
by Citizen Crabgrass
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It's past time evangelical Christians demand their leaders speak up!
by markandmarsha
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