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Since its founding, the United States, and particularly the states that compose it, has been uncomfortable with having Indians nations within its boundaries. Motivated by a combination of greed, ...
by Ojibwa
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By the beginning of the nineteenth century, Americans were envisioning a country without Indians, and Thomas Jefferson proposed that the Indians be removed and sent west of the Mississippi River. To ...
by Ojibwa
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Two days ago, on January 31, the Lakota People's Law Project submitted a report to Congress documenting allegations first reported via an NPR investigation in 2011: that South Dakota's state child ...
by Aji
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This diary briefly provides some context into the history of non-Indian depictions of Indians. In addition, it includes the story of Mary Edmonia Lewis, the first American Indian and first African-...
by Nulwee
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UPDATE: I got the car out! Thanks for the suggestions below! Fellow Kossacks: I am in the great (and still submerged) city of Chicago. And I still haven't gotten my car out from under the snow.
by teenvote
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In 1877 the United States government informed the Ponca that they were going to be removed from their traditional homelands in Nebraska and reassigned to a reservation in Indian Territory (now ...
by Ojibwa
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During the nineteenth century the United States pursued a policy toward American Indian nations which mandated their removal from their homelands if these homelands were desired by non-Indians. It ...
by Ojibwa
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Shot with a hidden-cam, our new inspirational video shows a member of the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir closing her Chase account and educating employees about the bank's funding of Mountaintop ...
by Reverend Billy
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Posted on behalf of @Symbolman: I come from mining stock. One of my ancestors was blown to hell underground with a ...
by TBTM Julie
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First off let me say that it is not my intention to "call out" Adam B . However, his ...
by FischFry
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Hmm. Was Palin's main purpose to deflect attention from McCain? Not that getting rid of her would do any good for the Repubs. From TPM http://tpmcafe.talkingpointsmemo.com/talk/2008/09/is-palin-...
by debk
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Knowing what you know, seeing his responses, and considering his decisions as President, would you hire George Bush for any position requiring even the simplest of intellects? I mean that sincerely..
by niobe77
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by Cream Puff
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