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With all the bravado I could muster I left the hotel and my travel companion Angie, the two of us having decided to part company, I to continue some version of our original planned trip to the ...
by leftyparent
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Previously that summer of 1973 I had made a note in my journal… I missed the 1968 generation. I came too late. That’s when we were still all together moving in the right direction. Now the ...
by leftyparent
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As a counterpoint to all the gritty R&B music I had been enthralled by the past months at Western Michigan University, Paul Simon, recently separated from his partner Art Garfunkel, was all over ...
by leftyparent
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The final book I had to read for my Freshman Reading class that first semester at Western Michigan University was Norman Mailer’s novel An American Dream . It was a story of a war-hero former ...
by leftyparent
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Robert Samuelson, columnist for the Washington Post (and no relation to Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Samuelson) takes issue with Paul Krugman in an Op-Ed yesterday in which he argues that ...
by acerimusdux
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My brother is back in town from Mainland China and we were talking about what it was like growing up as children (ages 1-12) in the 1970s. One thing we loved were Saturday mornings, full of high ...
by BFSkinner
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The last week of summer finally arrived as it always did, and with some reluctance but also some excitement I left my hometown of Ann Arbor, the place where most of the developmental events of my ...
by leftyparent
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BART transit police wore blazers in the 1970s They now dress in BDUs In September, ...
by annieli
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I've had several stuck in my brain and I would not be doing my duty if I did not share them with my friends here at Daily Kos.... plus I've not done a music diary in a long time. So I give you ...
by BFSkinner
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ClevelandAttorney linked to a recipe for something called Benghazi Salad, so I decided to give it a try. Hop with me over the DelMonte Brand Mandarin Orange Croissant and see the results!
by grumpynerd
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Once Upon a Time, yogurt was supposed to be a SuperFood. People in the '70s, a dark and strange time in our country, had home yogurt makers that we later used when our birds got colds as heaters, ...
by allergywoman
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Reposted from my blog Recently, I saw Respect: A Musical Journey of Women where excerpts of 60 songs, from “ I Will Follow Him ” to " These Boots are Made for Walking " were sung by a cast of ...
by Independent Musings
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No real reason why I am writing about Gilda, I mean the two do not reallt go together, but I thought that since I grew up watching her (Hey, try being from Detroit in the 70s and *not* growing up ...
by BFSkinner
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Follow me below the Tang flavored cloud for the 3rd edition of the Decades series, this week focusing on December in the 1970s...
by kalspa
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Being born in 1969 I was too young to catch the Soupy Sales Show when it first aired, but being from Detroit, where his show got its start, and being Jewish, as was Soupy (to my parents they loved ...
by BFSkinner
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We all present an image, often people are amazed when they meet us from knowing us only online, how we do not look like (or even act like sometimes) what they pictured we would be like in "real life."
by BFSkinner
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I wanted to write a diary dedicated to one of my favorite singer/songwriters of all time, for the longest times. I am not much of a writer, providing nuance to his life, I'd rather let his works do ...
by BFSkinner
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If you caught my post here you would know this week has sucked beyond compare for me. :( Enough griping, I figure I would post a diary of things that made me happy when I grew up, to try to make ...
by BFSkinner
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One of my favorite television shows of all time is All in the Family. I remember growing up, watching it with my parents and then talking about the episodes afterwards. I grew up in your typical ...
by BFSkinner
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Nothing beats television shows from the 1970s, unless you're talking television shows from the 1960s maybe. :) And often the best part of the TV show is the introduction, in which the plot/...
by BFSkinner
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