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If you were forced to pick a song from the 1960's, the 1970's and the 1980's that was your ultimate favorite of each decade could you? Yes, I know it is tough...and I already hear you saying that ...
by BFSkinner
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Anyone else out there recall growing up in elementary schools in the 1970s and being subject to such classics as Mulligan's Stew ? I came across some of their videos on youtube and it took me back ...
by BFSkinner
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Let's do the Time Warp Again....it's so dreamy, fantasy free me... Ok, ok, I will leave the singing to those with better voices than me, but I thought you might be like me and need a break from all ...
by BFSkinner
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That's a scientific fact, I'm pretty sure. And if it's not, some scientists had better get working on it. Anyway, in honor of Valentine's Day, here's some evidence in support of that (irrefutable) ...
by Cartoon Peril
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My daughters and I watched much of the inauguration yesterday. Like many, we were deeply moved by Obama's speech, but were perhaps the most happy simply watching the Obama family hang out together. ...
by waydownsouth
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If you grew up in th 70s you could not help but run int Sherman Hemsley. Starting on All in the Family on thn moving on up to his own show, George Jefferson was a mainstay on television. In the ...
by BFSkinner
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I grew up watching television in the 1970s, which seems to be home to some of the best television ever produced. In this diary I tried to fit the top 1970s shows in, but due to space limitations in ...
by BFSkinner
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Who can not love the AMC Pacer ? The Leisure Suit on Wheels, the glassine bolus of dorkiness ?
by Cartoon Peril
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This is my first diary. I've been sort of a posting smart ass to other peoples efforts. This started out as a comment, but when my wife read it she encouraged me to take the plunge and publish it as ...
by Grabber by the Heel
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After reading about the idiots in my state legislature (VA) and their War on Women ( Virginia-is-for-Zygote-Lovers-The-Commonwealth-s-Abortion-of-Common-Sense ), I got to thinking about the progress ...
by HLGEM 1
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If you were a child in the 1970s or late 1960s you must remember the cartoon shorts that featured the superheroes. The show usually began with a catchy song such as "Doctor Banner, pelted by gamma ...
by BFSkinner
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Not much more needs to be said other than "Kraftwerk" They were pioneers in the 1970s and still going in the 1990s. If electronic music is your thing, sit back and settle in. I could spend a bit ...
by BFSkinner
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Sometimes I look at the television shows geared towards children that are on now and it makes me miss the olden days. I was lucky enough to be born in 1969 in Detroit, so I was exposed to children'...
by BFSkinner
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I am a child of two decades, the 1980s and the 1970s. I was born in 69, so my first memories of television came from the 1970s. It feels like just yesterday when I would watch these shows, even ...
by BFSkinner
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I thought I'd put up a nice thread for people to veg to, to post their favorite veg music, and just to relax and have a nice open thread. The songs below always put me in a mellow mood as I was ...
by BFSkinner
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I was lucky enough to have grown up in the 1970s in metro Detroit. I was exposed to a lot of tee-vee, which shaped my formative years... no suprise I am as messed up as I am now, huh? In Detroit we ...
by BFSkinner
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Here's the thing. I noticed awhile back that lots of people who devote time to lampooning the "garish, burnt-orange, shag-carpeted tastelessness" of the 1970s are often linked to right wingers. Hmm.
by mftalbot
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I grew up on Saturday Morning Cartoons in the 1970s. I do not know when they stopped, but all three of the main stations just showed cartoons when I was a child. I remember always looking forward to ...
by BFSkinner
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The 1970s were a great decade for movies and songs from movies. I know that there is no way one diary could list each and every great song from 1970's movies but I hope that you will supply your ...
by BFSkinner
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To me some of my earliest memories forcus in on watching television shows I loved. Everyday after school I came home to watch Ultraman or Johnny Sokko, before thoughts of homework or dinner even ...
by BFSkinner
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