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This is my first diary entry on Daily Kos and I'm choosing to entitle it (and me) Mister Ground Zero. Why? Because I live in the lowest part of Alabama and feel like I'm at Ground Zero for change in ...
by DavidWilkins
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Yesterday I put up a post about a report that was to be released ...
by jimstaro
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This diary is cross-posted to my blog, where I've posted a pic of Ed Lee with Gavin Newsom, and links to the ...
by MPetrelis
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I'm almost wondering if all this stuff about Baucus, Snowe, etc. is necessary once Deval Patrick appoints a temporary Senator. Help me out...
by Cesc
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By John Wilkes from Eyesonobama.com: Almost immediately following the death of one of the most prominent statesmen of the last ...
by eyesonobama
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The CIA sticking to their guns with "who knew what and when" might be the chance the Obama administration needs to silence Nancy Pelosi. A move that might be in the best interest of the ...
by themanfromnantucket
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Illinois can’t get rid of their Governor on fitness charges and Impeachment proceedings will be troublesome and not a sure thing. A special election for U.S. Senator has been proposed but the ...
by 2conconORG
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Ever since the story about replacing the President elect that appeared on front page (I can't find it) I've been pondering who should be selected. There are several good candidates and some not ...
by MasterfullyInept
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Anybody who knows Alaska law. Who would fill Senator Steven's vacated seat? It is unclear to me, because I keep hearing different things.
by TheloniousThinks
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I can't help but think John McCain is going to replace Sarah Palin. It is going to look like Sarah made the decision on her own, but I believe McCain and his advisors are feverishly trying to ...
by Leslie123
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So says Steven Rosenbaum on HuffPo yesterday. . This topic was diaried or alluded to in two terrific ...
by ItsJessMe
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First of all, I will like to say Meet The Press is my favorite of the Sunday News Talk. It is the one show where I know guests have enough time to explain themselves and answer many questions. The ...
by kanuk
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I know that this sounds like a ludicrous proposition, but given McCain’s on-going pattern of mis-statements, foreign policy gaffes, lobbyist problems, advancing age, short temper, luke-warm ...
by mojave mike
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by Night Owl
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by animrac
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