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It's being reported that DCCC Chair Chris Van Hollen is urging Bart Stupak to drop his statehouse dream,
by Laurence Lewis
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Great news from the White House, which plans to fight right wing obstructionism by reappointing several blocked nominees, once the Senate returns to session, later this month. The Huffington Post'...
by Laurence Lewis
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Fresh off successfully making the Democratic Party responsible for reversing the Overton Window on reproductive choice, ostensible Democrat Ben Nelson has helped kill President Obama's nomination of ...
by Laurence Lewis
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The depravity of the health care debate can be distilled to the final capitulation: giving away reproductive rights, just so we can get a bill.
by Laurence Lewis
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We wanted single payer, but were told we couldn't get it, so we may as well not try. We wanted a hybrid European-style system, but were told we couldn't get it, so we may as well not try.
by Laurence Lewis
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I thought I'd be prouder today. I've worked hard to get the healthcare bill passed(others have worked harder, and I salute them, but I've done my bit) and I'd love to feel great about the historic ...
by chicating
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There is a diary currently sitting on the rec list -- and rightfully ...
by wiscmass
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One of the more strident arguments against health care reform is that federal funds will be used to pay for abortions. This is factually wrong, but even if it were true, as an argument against ...
by Laurence Lewis
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( crossposted at Amplify ) Last Friday, 2012 Presidential ...
by Amplify Your Voice
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Whatever their ideology, whether they are state-run, state-sanctioned or stateless actors, terrorists operate with one chief objective – instilling so much fear with their bloody attacks that ...
by Meteor Blades
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By Lindsay Beyerstein, TMC Mediawire Blogger Dr. George Tiller, one of the few physicians in the country who performed second and third trimester abortions, was fatally shot in ...
by The Media Consortium
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The justification for killing an abortion provider is that you're trying to prevent abortions. You know, the old, "If only someone had killed Hitler..." rationale. But here's the thing: If that ...
by ChristieKeith
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On April 23rd, 2009 for the first time in UK history an advertisement for the morning-after pill premiered on tv. Unlike the US, prescription drug adverts are prohibited in the UK. The advertisement ...
by NY brit expat
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This was a remarkable year. A year that was peopled by thousands. A year that found me: In countless county and neighborhood fairs; In Capitol Hill offices and parties; At high school ...
by Dennis Shulman
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This idea was passed on to me by a colleague, so I can't claim to have been the originator of it, but it's a great idea. It's clear that Sarah Palin, despite her status as a "vagina-American" (to ...
by ChuyHChrist
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It was a sight to behold: Sarah Palin, after her triumphant debut, parading her young brood on the stage of the Xcel Center, John McCain striding like grandpa among them. I admire their courage, ...
by ninshubur
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My concern is that many women probably think they can find the “complete, accurate information and compassionate peer-counseling” that A Woman&...
by Alicia J
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This summer for a while I tried to post action alerts about measures that could help to reduce abortion, measures that prolife and prochoice people alike could both support in good conscience....
by marysia
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