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My father was a good man and a Republican all his life. A driven, hard working, over achieving man who grew up on a farm in Maine during the depression. He had his Doctorate in Agricultural ...
by Mark Lester Whitney
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Dear Republicans in Congress: Watching your shenanigans on the Hill this week has been akin to watching a 3-year-old holding their breath and turning blue when they don't get their way. So, let's ...
by dagnome
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So, those sore loser Republican'ts in Texas are making the ludicrous argument that, since Wendy Davis decided to try to prevent them from dishonestly forcing their radical anti-abortion crap down ...
by wdrath
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Clearly, [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2012/12/11/1168693/-Behind-the-recovery-job-numbers-working-poor the truth] about the jobs situation in the U.S. has taken a backseat to the Washington, D.C. ...
by bobswern
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What Else Could Explain This Type of Insanity? The Republican Party has come undone. They have overreached in nearly every area of law in our country. From outlawing collective bargaining in ...
by Jillian Barclay
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The day after the election I sent friends and relatives (some less than receptive to the missive, one brother in Alabama told me I was full of anger and hatred. We call that projection, of course) a ...
by HeartlandLiberal
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