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On Tuesday 11/15/2012 I posted an appeal to help identify the Republicans in the Republican Petraeus Scandal. Original Post in KOS Sadly, no one answered the call. Until today when Talking Points ...
by rablrouzer
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The media is NOT reporting this as a Republican Scandal. The right wing is trying to make it into Whitewater and hang it on Obama. I've divided this cast into three sections. Known Republicans, ...
by rablrouzer
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So today two Members of the United States Congress announced that they were leaving office. First there was New York Republican Congressman Chris Lee who got caught sending shirtless photos of ...
by Britethorn
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The Republican Party stands on the edge of a cliff. It has been brought to this moment of supreme hazard by the complete failure of its leadership, at both the national and state levels. On this ...
by JCWilmore
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Al Franken impressed me on Air America radio as he discussed Bush lies, the failed Iraq quagmire, the un-Patriot Act, and the like with people as diverse as Howard Dean, John Kerry, Bob Barr, G. ...
by mole333
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This was the moment that John McCain sealed not just his fate, but the fate of the Republican Party this year. There will be no comeback in 2008:
by mole333
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I am going to begin with a blog entry by someone new to blogging but very experienced in life. Helen is an 82 year old grandmother who has started blogging...and she ...
by mole333
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This week I cover the view of Sarah Palin from the Iowa Independent . Small town Iowa found Palin's fake folksiness pretty much insulting. Meanwhile, ...
by mole333
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You've heard of bobblehead dolls? How about bobblefeet?
by madasheck
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It seems that no one is faster to wrap themselves in the flag these days than the Republicans who started it but refuse to fight it. Yet, even as they refuse to volunteer to serve in the military, ...
by JCWilmore
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