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Oh its easy enough to sit on the sidelines and stir up anxieties and fears, hatred and misgivings, spread negativity to all who listen to your message. Its goddamned easy to needle a president so ...
by rexymeteorite
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Oh the one dimensional world of Lindsey Graham. As most of you know, I am a resident of one of the most regressive states in the union. One of our Senators is up for re-election this year, and he'...
by BeninSC
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History was made today when the Senate voted to confirm Patricia Millett to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. Patricia Ann Millett became the newest judge on the powerful D.C. Circuit Court of ...
by Heavy Mettle
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Tally-ho is also used as another way of saying " goodbye ". Yes it's horrible to bid the filibuster adieu says Dana Milbank in the Washington Post in this "naked power grab". Even though he ...
by Heavy Mettle
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After cyber security experts testified in Congress yesterday, Republicans have released a report that was prepared in March of this year for the White House warning about Technical problems and ...
by Heavy Mettle
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(For the literary purists in the audience, I know it's a misquotation ). In what should be no surprise to anyone, states that are using their own systems to sign up Obamacare enrollees are meeting ...
by Heavy Mettle
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I hate to say it, but the taxed enough already crowd seems to love money more than they love our country. The government shutdown is more proof. These people want this to happen-no government is ...
by 40andholding
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THE VOTERS HAVE SPOKEN! ... And what they've said is, "We're still mostly morons incapable of voting in our own best interests." Russ Feingold lost and the people of America voted for Republicans ...
by jbou
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In a hilarious BBC front page article, the most trusted name in news tackles a question with a seeming obvious answer in the headline "Chile ...
by rogue robot
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Representative Virginia Foxx (R Nutjob, 5th District NC) has refused to meet with her constituents during the August recess. When I talked with her directly and tried to schedule a meeting with her,
by irmaly
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I'm sick and tired of playing defense to the Republicans on the health care issue. We are the Party of the People, right? Why are we allowing ourselves to fall into the traps they ...
by irmaly
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Representative Virginia Foxx (R Nutjob-NC 5th District) has refused to meet individually with her constituents to talk ...
by irmaly
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Okay. As my father used to say, "We're where we are." It's pretty clear that the Democrats (Obama included) are not going to insist on a Public Plan in the final health care bill. Hell, we can ...
by irmaly
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Huffington Post today reports a strong message from Howard Dean on the fate of the Public Plan and the ...
by irmaly
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I thought this should be sent out. It points out some very important things. More after the jump.
by Lava20
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I get it. I totally get it. Maybe you got it decades ago, but, you see - my political awareness was entirely formed under Republican majority rule. In my life I have enjoyed exactly 10 days of ...
by OrangeClouds115
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I'll keep this short and sweet. Usually the FP keeps everyone updated on this, and I know there's primary mania going on everywhere right now, but this is important: In the final month,
by JustAngry
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