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Our Christian fundamentalist friends like to use the creation story or stories in their defense for opposing marriage equality. But, is this really an accurate or legitimate defense? For the record,
by librarisingnsf
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This year marks the fifty first year anniversary of LBJ's "War on Poverty," a flurry of "Great Society programs designed to pull up millions of poor folks which, prior to 1965, accounted for no less ...
by steve1960
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As we enter another election cycle, one dominant theme is the idea that Republican Candidates are beholden to Christians. In several reports I've heard or read this idea is coupled with the ...
by Greg form Vermont
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I had to chuckle when some of the current Republican candidates were asked who was the greatest living president and they avoided the answer by talking about how great Reagan was as president. I ...
by Dorothy Weigel
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There is hate and then there is hate . While all homophobia is serious and harmful, there is a matter of degree. Below is an instance of a homophobic group calling for the murder of all gays. If ...
by d3clark
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This is my very first diary. I have lurked for a couple of years, felt impelled to comment a couple of times. The diary about Blue Buffalo has inspired me to give this a try. Our story begins with ...
by csm
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You know what I really, really hate? I hate when somebody adapts a Jane Austen novel for stage or screen and thinks they can improve on her dialogue. They can't. And furthermore -- oh, strike that. ...
by Emmet
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As I showed in a previous diary , Americans are deeply dissatisfied with the long-term course of the economy. Fewer Americans identify themselves as "...
by OutOnALimb
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Today my wife informed me that our yearly bill for AARP (Hartford) auto insurance had arrived for the two vehicles we insure. I guess I have the typical coverage package for these vehicles in New ...
by Mad 60
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My apologies in advance for the “old news,” but yes, it’s still bothering me – and I have a question. I haven’t diaried in years, but I saw a clip a couple mornings ago which bothered me ...
by sricki
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Have you felt it? Truly felt it? Just to make sure you’re on the same page with me, let’s try an exercise. Picture yourself sailing a small boat way out at sea. It’s a beautiful day, light ...
by aworldeye
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Split-line North Carolina congressional map from the ...
by Stephen Wolf
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Delaware Governor Jack Markell (D) has written a rather lengthy piece last week in "The Atlantic" entitled " Americans Need Jobs, Not Populism. " The title alone enrages me because, since when ...
by Delaware Dem
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" The despot's heel is on thy shore, Maryland! His torch is at thy temple door, Maryland! Avenge the patriotic gore That flecked the streets of Baltimore, And be the battle queen of yore, Maryland! ...
by BobboSphere
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Three weeks ago my partner and I were married on our 38th anniversary. We planned to just go to the courthouse. The State of Florida was forced by the Appellate Court to allow same sex marriages ...
by kay3295
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Last Sunday was Mother's Day, a Hallmark holiday as fraught with ambivalence as any. As I read friends' tributes to their living or dead mothers on Facebook, I wondered why I never really cared ...
by ramara
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I really have begun to marvel at how much the Central Dogma of molecular biology has worked itself, willy-nilly, into modern popular culture, modern popular psychology. Modern popular entertainment.
by swellsman
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Sometimes I just have to gather myself together and ask what I want, as a person in the United States, from a candidate. If I were to run for any office, what would I personally advocate? This was a ...
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The recent shooting at the awful Pamela Gellar's Drawing Mohammed "contest"--a deliberately inflammatory event if ever there was one--seems to have elicited a certain amount of debate regarding the ...
by jackdabastard
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I love these people very much. One is my mom. The others are her remaining siblings. Their beautiful faces tell a story of one generation of family, and the four different directions in ...
by left rev
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