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Less than a month after its second convention, Troy Boyle, co-founder and now former President of the National Atheist Party (NAP) has unexpectedly resigned. Boyle announced his untimely resignation ...
by NationalAtheistParty
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The Catholic church torture case has been docketed. Filing in the U.S. Supreme Court of a case, according to undisputed court papers, of torture of a critic of life-long Catholic Sheriff Joe Arpaio ...
by scottban
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Not everyone believed Anthony Weiner should have resigned. But whether you agree it's best for our country if he do so or not, you will find opinion out in Internet Land that hits the old proverbial ...
by thinkingblue
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This will be but a brief Diary – mostly in pictures – as I hadn’t seen anything posted yet marking today’s anniversary of Richard Milhous Nixon’s resignation in 1974.
by dmhlt 66
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I'll say this directly to you, Evan Bayh, the same thing that FDR said about the people who declared themselves enemies to our great New Deal and World War II President, and who ...
by News Nag
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Today, 18 months before the end of Sarah Palin's first term as governor, speaking from the "bestest, most patriotic-est, most beautiful, most important state in the entire United States! Wait, the ...
by CatM
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From www.PoliticalBlend.com The nation has started to recover from the shock of Sarah Palin’s resignation as Governor of Alaska, ...
by Studout
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From www.PoliticalBlend.com The mighty leaders of the GOP put on a good show for the folks at home after Sarah Palin resigned as ...
by Studout
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So, Rick Wagoner of GM has resigned at Obama's behest after failing to give the Administration a decent viability plan - and Republicans, with a reach-around from Big Media, will try to spin it like ...
by BigMoeW
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Below is Eliot Spitzer's resignation today. The MSNBC coverage after his announcement points out that "he WAS a steam roller on Wall Street, and maybe Albany did NEED a steamroller" as well as the ...
by EmergingMajority
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The top US military commander for the Middle East has resigned . Admiral William Fallon had argued strongly against war ...
by War Comes Home
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The head of the GAO (Government Accountability Office) David Walker has announced his resignation (effective 3/12/08). Mr. Walker has been speaking out about the amount of debt that the US ...
by jokertim777
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