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Approximately once a year, I end up in the middle of a heated conversation online. Though it changes no one's mind, I try to use it as an example of how not to be goaded into losing my temper. I'm ...
by cabaretic
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Look, this is really simple people. The entire point of the Anti-Police Violence Protest is to highlight and improve our system of Justice so that it works the way it's supposed to work . Innocent ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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From The Star-Ledger: About a year after the federal government allocated $1.8 billion to New Jersey to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy, the state has distributed less than a quarter of the disaster ...
by ericlewis0
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For my money, the most telling comment about the George Washington Bridge story was the e-mail that noted that the kids stuck in traffic were "children of Buono voters." It reminded me of the ...
by Woody25
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Today begins the second week, Day 15, of California's prisoners' hunger strike. More than 1000 prisoners (1) likely remain committed to the strike. Yesterday, the New York Times, in a blistering ...
by jpmassar
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On this day I'm constantly reminded of the worst of this giant, amazing country I live in. The best example of the worst that I can give is this essay published on the inside back cover of the Time ...
by AoT
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Well I did it again, I fell asleep watching The Rachel Maddow Show replay. And by now we all know what that usually means...a horrible start to my morning and an increased heart rate. I woke up to ...
by justmy2
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Ms. Crissie has been reading the mail this week, and a wave of righteous - or not - anger is on the march. The consensus is that we must punish the evildoers (whoever they are) for what they did (...
by NCrissieB
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First came the ice storms that killed 28, at least. Then the thaw, with previously frozen limbs falling and injuring several others. Now comes the wind. This afternoon, 60 mph+ straight line ...
by Translator
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It occurred to me today that many Alaskans who've given an opinion about Palin have done so off the record, or have asked to remain anonymous. Their reason? Fear of retribution from ...
by webweaver
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Seems a wingnut over in St. Cloud, FL decided to try to tie the Democrats to the World Trade Center tragedy even though it was the Republicans who ignored the warnings that could have stopped it. ...
by SamCDC
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For seven years, the GOP has ignored the law, the rules of the house, the senate, the DOJ, the White House, and pretty much every administrative regulation, statute, rule, opinion letter, and ...
by agnostic
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[Crossposted at Over the Line, Smokey!] Those "bushiness" moguls (and their wives) who bought their ...
by seesdifferent
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On Jan 1st, 2007, the Democrats will take ownership of the House and the Senate, and the question on everyone's lips is "will there be retribution?" I say the answer is THERE MUST BE ...
by Ace0Spades
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by Dave from Oregon
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by One Pissed Off Liberal
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by darrelplant
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