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We're bound to hear this "failure to vet" myth from the right over and over again with such repetition that I worry many non-wingnuts are starting to believe it. That's why I'm posting this diary. ...
by Daisy Cutter
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Rick Warren will give a prayer at the inauguration of Barack Obama. Personally, I'd prefer the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Repost from 18 Dec 2008, seeing a link to this post from ...
by pfiore8
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There has been much comment about Juan Williams and how Fox has handled the story. And how superior we are. Well, in my view we are not only not superior, but identical, and what we are doing ...
by brooklyn137
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This is my first diary ever so please excuse any problems of formatting, etc. I recently made a six-hour trip by car . My daughter had given me an audio tape of Barack Obama's Dreams from My ...
by undoctored
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Every morning on my walk to the bus, I pass the windows of a shop called Bazar . They sell imports, womens' clothing, shoes, etc. I often look at the dresses ...
by the national gadfly
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But, the way they're treating Rev. Wright is totally unfair. "Hush, we have an election to win." But, gay marriage just makes sense, it should be right! Let's speak out now! "Shhh, we ...
by futurebird
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This is short as I am heading out to door knock, but a Rev. Wright ad was just on my tv in Minnesota. It was paid for by goptrustpac.com but after a little searching around I found this website: ...
by Demrock6
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Or why Obama deserves to get his minister back. We can stop bad-talking Rev. Wright and start learning the true history of our America. What Rev. Wright said was not malicious and was as the Rev.
by Xenpoet
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Please donate what you can to Obama/ Democratic Party/ Democratic Candidates as Corporate America is donating $40 Million to help save Republican Senators and other far-right extremists this ...
by kerouacforobama
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Rezko didn't work. Ayers didn't work. Joe the Plumber doesn't seem to be working all that well. Tax and spend doesn't work. Terrorist doesn't work. What do you turn to when all of your slime ...
by FleetAdmiralJ
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William Ayers is dead. Not the man mind you, just the smear. The plan to link Obama to William Ayers didn't work. In fact Obama smashed that smear to the ground in front of millions of viewers ...
by DeanDemocrat
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John Mccain is in the last throes of his unliked campaign. he has done the stunts with picking an unproven and equally unvetted running mate, Palin, in order to drum up support from former clinton ...
by MBishop4
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I just received the following bit of information from one of the McSame supporters who lurk around in my in-box. She/He has been flooding my e-mail with smear and junk about Obama. This group is ...
by shewolf
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With the oncoming debate tonight, I flinch at the thought of the nastiness that will be spewing from McCain. Part of me is encouraged, not only by Obama's ability to field such ploys handily, but ...
by MrWinky
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So, the rightwing has been making a big deal out this guy, William Ayres, because he was a radical 40 years ago and Obama worked on a board with guy in Chicago. They think this is a big deal. Enough ...
by renior
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If I have to read one more time how Obama's relationship with Jeremiah Wright tarnishes his candidacy, I will vomit! Kristol is a neo-conservative nut job and a hypocrite; he has not been right on ...
by lappy63
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This is not an actual script; This is just my idea for what Obama ought to say to the American people. The McCain campaign's penchant for going negative is once again rearing its ugly head, and we'...
by Zelbinian
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I have been noticing something. It started at the beginning of the primary season, and it has now gone full scale. The Republican Convention and the Sarah Palin pick highlighted what I had feared:
by Carlo408
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Bill Maher was just interviewed by Chris Matthews on MSNBC's convention coverage. And it struck me that his often funny, often biting, always irreverent comments had the potential to make him ...
by jillles
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Wow! Who knew? I mean, I don't keep up much with the Catholic Church, or the second acts of terrible rappers, but I can't believe I didn't know Vanilla Ice entered the Priesthood! You'd think ...
by AugustWest85
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