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We all remember how conservatives and the media used Reverend Wright to attack President Obama. It struck me as strange that the media now seems to be giving Ted Cruz a pass for the same sort of ...
by JLFinch
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Another right-wing regressive with too much money is flailing around for mud to sling at President Obama. News cycles are chewing on the fringes of the story and alluding to the racism implicit in ...
by eOz
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by Reading on Walden Bookstore
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There will be a connection made between the mounting evidence of racism in the Republican campaign and the violence implicit in the Skinhead plot or if there isn't there should be. According to ...
by ruthhmiller
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"Wisdom is a gift ; you can't train for it, inherit it, learn it in a class, or earn it in the workplace--...
by kravitz
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Malcolm X had just sent another reply to another Instant Message from Thomas Jefferson. Adams, even though a neighbor of Jefferson's from across town, had replied more and more infrequently these ...
by justiceputnam
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I don't make it a practice to quote conservative commentators, much less even read them, but I must say Tom Roeser caught my ...
by Reading on Walden Bookstore
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This is a good video.... albeit it's from April 3. Here's an unedited exchange between a FOX News producer flunkie Porter Berry and Father Pfleger, friend of Rev. Jeremiah Wright.
by vtfinest
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More than a month on from giving in Philadelphia his powerful and frank speech on religion and race in America – a speech in which Mr. Obama invited Americans of all hues to look up from the ...
by StrangeAnimals
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You'll see a green painted sign On the road into town Sayin' "Get your black ass out Before the sun goes down" Them's just the rules If your ...
by karateexplosions
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After his appearance on Bill Moyers Journal this week, which featured far more expansive clips of his controversial statements ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Give it another day, or two, and we'll probably see this headline somewhere, the odds-on bet, on Faux News ... Or,
by JTD
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She said that. She really did. Well, ok, I'm lying. But I guarantee she's been thinking that about 24/7 recently. The Hillary campaign is getting super duper desperate recently, in case ...
by ratmach
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The Acton Institute is a conservative think tank with the goal of “Integrating Judeo-Christian Truths with Free Market Principles (see http://www.acton.org/about/principles.php ) Professor ...
by wayne204
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The contest for the Democratic nomination is over. No doubt the media will spend the next several weeks obsessing upon how close Barack Obama will come to beating Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania and ...
by floridadave
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It would have been so much easier to keep silent watch while you and those around you insist on utilizing the press to lynch a man of God based on a snippet taken from an entire sermon that was not ...
by digitalmuse
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The Democratic Party is in danger of losing a coalition partner that has been among it's most loyal if it nominates Hillary Clinton. Her surrogates have injected race into this contest in a very ...
by Adept2u
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If we're speaking factually, it's an 1990 sermon by Reverend Wright, full text at this link, in which ...
by Stephen Daugherty
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Senator Barack Obama, under intense pressure to do something about Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the surrounding controversy, delivered another outstanding ...
by Reading on Walden Bookstore
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