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It was two AM in the Dearborn subburb of Detroit, Michigan when it happened. An auto-accident which meant that those involved would need to find new rides home, deal with police, file insurance ...
by Chris Reeves
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When I was in school we saw a film I always enjoyed and remembered. It was called Little Big Man , starring Dustin Hoffman, among others, unimaginably young in 1970, when the film came out. ...
by BeninSC
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Not that kind of snipe hunting...I'm talking about the sniping we're doing at each other. If aliens, unable to interpret our language could nonetheless listen to our public discourse, what would ...
by davis3792
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Although I am doing my best to enjoy a day off, great weather where I am, etc, I clicked on PuffPo and saw this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/06/kerry-libya-somalia_n_4052266....
by boriskamite
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"The majority of mankind is lazy-minded, incurious, absorbed in vanities, and tepid in emotion, and is therefore incapable of either much doubt or much faith." -- T. S. Eliot "I am never better than ...
by The Geogre
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I had one of those comments exchanges the other day -- you know the kind. I say something clearly and crisply, and someone else says... well, something opposed, also clearly and crisply, and even ...
by kestrel sparhawk
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I am of course referring to William Rivers Pitt's must-read piece in Truthout, " It's Not War, So Stop Saying That. " Pitt has some incisive things to say about the defense of the forthcoming war ...
by Cassiodorus
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There is a very small group of users here at Daily Kos creating havoc in multiple diaries. With the pretext of "protecting the reputation of the site" they are bullying people that write diaries ...
by Ray Pensador
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Let me start this discussion by addressing the concepts of "truth," and "reality," because at the end of the day propaganda is mainly about suppressing them. In order to do that one needs to focus ...
by Ray Pensador
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We still have the luxury of some form of free speech. This site has had some who complain about being limited in one way or another. I hate statistics so I will warn the numbers buffs that I write ...
by don mikulecky
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The word "pragmatic" is starting to pop up more and more frequently again. It is generally never defined, but is very often used in interesting ways. Hence, this is a look at the meaning of "...
by enhydra lutris
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I posted a diary the other day looking at gun fails from a different perspective . I learned a few things from it, not in a pleasant way, and figured it was worth sharing the experience.
by xaxnar
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Yesterday I posted a piece on how to derail comment threads. Today I present an outline of how to debate and what methodology is used in doing so, as well as the drawbacks inherent in using those ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Tomorrow our nation celebrates our independence from tyranny and oppression. In our humble beginnings, our great nation sought freedom from intolerance and our undeniable right to life, liberty, ...
by Elon James White
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In past diaries, I have ranted about the increasing vacuousness of terms like "middle-class," "balance," and "common sense" in political discourse. This past weekend, Obama's weekly address ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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Does anyone know a good answer to the question: "Why are you worried if you don't have anything to hide?" or refutation to that type of thinking? My wife and I were bumping into this repeatedly on ...
by CharlesInCharge
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In the 1970s the conflict over British rule in Northern Ireland was heated in sentiment and violent in many encounters. There were many songs written in support of Irish independence. In the ...
by workingwords
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I’ve posted before about the levels of vitriol that have crept into gun control rhetoric, and how potentially dangerous that can be. The principle extends beyond gun control to politics in general,
by Rachel191
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Our national rhetorical fondness for “bipartisanship” and “compromise” leads many politicians to demonize ideology as though it were a bad thing. Although the Cold War dualism of the Soviet ...
by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees
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Sometimes it comes down to how much you want something. Enough to interrupt and change your routine, or just enough to shrug your shoulders, and sigh "Oh Well." Lawrence O’Donnell has challenged ...
by jamess
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