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Dec, 5 2007 Revenge of the Second City Losing Mayor Daley Cross-Posted from GapersBlock.com "He's just terrific," gushed JPMorgan Chase CEO James Dimon. "I wish every city had ...
by ChicagoLife
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Instead of being a Democratic Team, the state's top Democrats are fighting to reduce the office of the governor to the subservient post it has always been under most past Republican governors. Mayor ...
by rayhanania
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For those of you following the story , BP announced a $38 billion expansion of its NW ...
by CupofTea
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today's developments: the chicago tribune reports: ...
by bored now
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Actually, it's only one of Chicago's continuing scandals. This one is the scandal of the ring of police torturers run by John Burge decades ago. The city of Chicago is defendant in a series of ...
by Frank Palmer
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Joe Serra is, exactly what the Illinois 14th District and any district that is overwhelmingly Conservative, needs.
by allsright123
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When we think of a conspiracy, we picture a small group of people meeting in a dark corner and plotting their evil intentions in whispers. This can happen, but the more dangerous conspiracies are ...
by Frank Palmer
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Today, it ...
by Peace to all
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Peter Ueberroth isn't likely to get an Air America gig any time soon. Not that he's way over on the Dark Side, but the former ...
by N0MAN1968
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That condescension is unseemly in a President isn’t exactly a forehead-slapper. President Bush has been mocked and criticized as inarticulate since he was Governor of Texas. He even uses the ...
by newfie53523
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In case you were wondering what happenned to that tough special prosecutor who nailed Scooter Libby's butt not to long ago, you need not fret. Patrick Fitzgerald, that "mediocre prosecutor" that ...
by Randall Sherman
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As some of you might be aware, there was a municipal election today in Chicago. While the city-wide races are not in doubt, there are many exciting aldermanic races as union locals attempt to oust ...
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The Mayoral Election next Tuesday is not in doubt, but the fate of the Mayor may depend on it anyway. Mayor Daley is a good friend of President Bush and did nothing to help John Kerry in 2004 and ...
by lawyerDan
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How many of you Daily Kos readers say to yourselves that if you got rid of the Republicans, at least as an effective voice in government, then everything would be wonderful. Don't deny it... I have ...
by Randall Sherman
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I wanted to bring to everyone's attention, particularly since Yearly Kos is coming to Chicago in August, of news of the death on Friday of the longtime Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party, ...
by Randall Sherman
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Often, I find myself disagreeing with Mayor Daley. I would have liked to see a formidable challenge in February but Representatives Jesse Jackson Jr., and Luis Gutteriez decided against such a race.
by Peace to all
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I know this web site is more than simply a rubber stamp for all things Democratic Party -- it is about positive action aimed at keeping democratic processes alive and well, and to fight where ...
by Edgewater Joe
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Mayor Daley of Chicago has endorsed Barack Obama for President.
by Larry Jones
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by Peace to all
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by Steven Searle
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