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A major - and unexpected - bummer for Democrats : Jonathan Weinzapfel has ...
by David Nir
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F.O.O., I can proverbially kill 2 birds with one stone today with a "this day in history" AND holiday fare! Frank "Ol' Blue Eyes" "Chairman of the Board" Sinatra was born on this ...
by CityLightsLover
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Hoo boy, the anticipation of this one has my panties in a wad... The tease is on CNN's ticker.
by Rian Fike
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Who do you believe, David Plouffe or Rick Davis? Davis, McCain's campaign manager, went on Fox News Sunday and gave his view of the ...
by LearningCurve
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Part of everyone's frustration with McPalin is not the fact that they're running a sleazy, indefensibly crooked campaign which is short on policy and strong on defamation. That's self-evident. What'...
by Hellertonian
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I have a Yahoo.com email address that I use to fuck with wing nuts. I have signed up with the McCain/Pailin email campaign alerts and I just got this one. It is meant to energize the, "Base", for ...
by rosestar77
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(In the final days of an election, there is so much information from so many races, it's difficult to stay on top of every story and understand the subtle dynamics often at play on the ground. ...
by nmisscommentor
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Want to know why the McCain campaign is doomed? Well, for other than choosing a vacuous and utterly clueless twit for VP, misrepresenting almost every single one of Obama's positions and keeping ...
by Stevie Z
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Oooh ... looks like McCain thinks Obama has an army of secret donors. In fact, Rick Davis says as much:
by sk7326
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Criminal masterminds come from the strangest places. Look at Harvey "Two Face" Dent. Or Lex Luthor. Or Cat Woman. Well, you have a new name to add to that list: grannyhelen. Sure, I may look ...
by grannyhelen
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I think the McCain camp is in full-blown disarray. This reminds me a lot of the end-stages of another high-profile campagin earlier this year, with different "senior advisors" cracking wildly out of ...
by David Nir
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No, seriously. Because he's so concerned about donations to Obama under $200 that don't need to be made public, I will donate $201, despite not being employed at present, and make sure that every ...
by lindsayin72
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Rezko didn't work. Ayers didn't work. Joe the Plumber doesn't seem to be working all that well. Tax and spend doesn't work. Terrorist doesn't work. What do you turn to when all of your slime ...
by FleetAdmiralJ
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According to the Huffington Posts Sam Stein: John McCain's campaign manager says he is reconsidering using Barack Obama's relationship with Reverend Jeremiah Wright as a campaign issue during the ...
by AndyatKos
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Can't say I'm surprised... In a fit of indignation, John McCain apparently feels so slighted by John Lewis's comments and Barack Obama's failure to repudiate them, that Rick Davis has been quoted:
by Escapade
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As the presidential campaign enters its final days, John McCain is emerging as a case study in what psychologists term " projection ." ...
by Jon Perr
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I have a confession. I have donated $115.01 to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. I have done this, primarily with a credit card online, because my children cannot afford 4 more years of ...
by Benintn
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Note: Everything here is paraphrased. If I put it in quotes, it means it's his exact phrase. I feel I have honestly represented everything he said. Davis: ...
by TooFolkGR
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As you read this, Peter Mandelson , Labor Pary big-wig, Business Secretary in the cabinet of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and ...
by Kyraise1
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This is my first diary, so be please gentle with me. We all know Chuck Hagel is Obama's favorite (R) senator. They've worked together in congress. They clearly respect each other. Chuck Hagel is ...
by island in alabama
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