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Michigan Republican Gov. Rick Snyder Michigan has found a way to make up for some of its budget shortfall after cutting corporate taxes to the bone—just tax people who smoke and drink more! Chad ...
by Kerry Eleveld
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The Goldilocks question by Tom Sullivan The phrase "big government" scrolled across the screen again the other day and got me thinking about how effectively the right has been in programming ...
by Tom Sullivan
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Republican Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced Wednesday that the state would in fact recognize the 300-plus marriages that took place in a 24-hour window last year ...
by Kerry Eleveld
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They all belong in political wilderness in my not-so-humble opinion but that would be too short a diary. So... In his blog post The Multi-Ring Republican Nomination Circus , Chris Weigant sorts ...
by Mopshell
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Originally posted at Eclectablog . This past week, the City Council of Allen Park voted to fire their City Administrator Karen Folks . Why? Because she has essentially made herself the dictator of ...
by Eclectablog
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Originally posted at Eclectablog . Back in November, I wrote about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie considering the possibility of appointing an Emergency Manager for Atlantic City which has ...
by Eclectablog
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Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan announced last night in his State of the State address that he plans to merge the Department of Health and Human Services with the department of Community Health. ...
by michprogress
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A new law awaiting Governor Rick Snyder's signature would force county clerks in Michigan to issue concealed weapons permits (formally "concealed pistol licenses" or CPLs) to people covered by ...
by Eclectablog
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Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, has just signed the Republican bill that will selectively test welfare recipients for drugs.
by moose67
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Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp has made some real enemies during his time in Congress Leading Off : • KS-01 : Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp's entire congressional career ...
by Jeff Singer
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Approximately 300 same sex couples got married on March 22 after U.S. District Court Judge Bernard Friedman's ruling that struck down Michigan's same sex marriage ban. There was a stay issued later ...
by freshwater dan
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Originally posted at Eclectablog . Remember when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came to Michigan to visit Governor Rick Snyder in March ? And when he came back ...
by Eclectablog
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Michigan went all red in 2010. We only had a 42% voter turnout. Despite having progressive, populist firebrand Virg Bernero running against Bill Snyder, only 42% of Michiganders turned out to vote ...
by Muskegon Critic
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Head below the pretzel for the breakdown that supports my inflammatory headline.
by Arbo
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I know there's a maelstrom of all sorts of emotions and writings going on after last night, but I just want to point out one quirky result, courtesy of my home state Michigan: MI-Sen: Gary Peters: 1,
by pierre9045
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Gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer (D. MI) has been fixated on getting the base out to the polls to help him defeat Tea Party Governor Rick Snyder (R. MI): http://www.freep.com/story/news/...
by poopdogcomedy
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Rick Snyder The hits just keep on coming.
by Laura Clawson
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It seems fitting to know now that the first meeting to discuss the governor's concept for the EAA was at a restaurant called “The Chop House.” The EAA most certainly lived up to being a ...
by Hoi Polloi
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Originally posted at Eclectablog . Progress Michigan has been doing yeomans work holding the Snyder administration accountable for corrupt actitivies, shining the sanitizing sunshine needed to ...
by Eclectablog
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Republican Lee Terry Leading Off :
by David Nir
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