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I posted this as a comment in "Just stop it over the Walker story" but the movie was so damned good--and so relevant now (even more so than it was when the film came out in 1981) that I felt it ...
by Brainwrap
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BOO! But seriously, somebody is monitoring your activity on the interwebz, or at least recording data on it.
by GoGoGoEverton
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Move over big brother, and lets give a big giant hand to the corporate eye in the sky! "Employers and colleges find the treasure-trove of personal information hiding behind password-protected ...
by GreenMother
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A petition seeking 25,000 signatures by Feb 20 is up at the Whitehouse.gov petition site.
by Friendlystranger
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There is a strain of defense of President Obama that truly baffles me -- I call it the "Presidents don't matter" defense. Matt Yglesias trots out perhaps ...
by Armando
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I wished that a younger sister of mine had not become a single parent at a young age. Not nearly long enough after that, I wished that she had not become pregnant for the second time, and/or wished ...
by oldpotsmuggler
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The “evangelical” on my T.V. screen was asked about the propriety of organized religious influence in the political arena, and he responded by mentioning that Christians had played influential ...
by oldpotsmuggler
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Progressives unhappy with many of the policies adopted by the Administration of President Barack Obama are searching for reasons to invest in the President's 2012 reelection. Today's New York ...
by Armando
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While many will cite Raich v. Gonzales as the definitive medical marijuana court opinion, the annals of the Alaska Supreme Court ...
by Gr33nerPastures
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That was the contribution by a lawyer from the Department of Justice, appearing as amicus curiae in a hearing on Pottowattamie v. McGhee in which ...
by hannah
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That's what it seems like at first glance. Here's the story here below about the TSA chief, ...
by slinkerwink
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I don't post diaries very often, although I comment frequently. But after watching the (expected) self-analysis go back and forth about why the Dems lost the House, I haven't seen this yet. ...
by Sarea
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This is an update on a long-standing issue facing many NASA employees. At one point my wife was faced with it, though her particular branch of NASA has backed off a little...for now. I suspect if ...
by mole333
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The predictable result of Democrats finalizing The Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act is that states’ attorneys general [http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/36001783/ns/politics-...
by Liberal Thinking
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...behavior. OK, you say, what else is new? What's new here is that the "inappropriate behavior" took place outside of school hours, at home, possibly in the student's bedroom . ...
by b00g13p0p
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We already knew that WorldNetDaily is blowing a lot of smoke when it claims to be a reputable, Christian-based journalistic organization. However, with their backing of Muslim Mafia author ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Even before Grassley Knoll arrogated the word "predator" in referring to government, as Thomas Frank ...
by hannah
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I am one of the lucky Americans who currently have good health insurance, provided through the auspices of my employer. My employer strives to be considered a premium employer in the marketplace, ...
by Good Hope Road
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Kind of a mixed bag (really busy news night if you dig for the stories, IMHO), at least slightly so, this evening... Last October , at the height (at least to date) of our country's current ...
by bobswern
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So let me include the obligatory 'this diary is not as good as it should be' statement here. It is rushed, since I just used my DVR for the first time to quickly type up a transcript of the ...
by AfroPonix
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