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Every once in a while a news headline on Yahoo's home page catches my eye, mostly because it seems completely ridiculous. Yesterday was no exception when I saw the ominous headline " Restaurants in ...
by bluto211
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I was in a corner liquor stock talking to the owner about local real estate. I told him how when I started working here 4 years ago I checked out the houses on the hill, and the basic 3 bedroom ...
by oddmike
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Before fact-free Obama bashing came into vogue, the opinion pages used to be my favorite part of daily newspapers. But now, many of those same pages have become "fact-free zones" and are among ...
by Kwik
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Problem : Your right-wing brother-in-law is plugged into the FOX-Limbaugh lie machine, and keeps sending you emails about "Obama spending" and "Obama deficits" and how the "stimulus" just made ...
by davej
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I'm estranged from my family for a few reasons. It goes way back. I suppose it started when I didn't take to sports in school and ended up flunking out my sophomore year, then even summer school. ...
by Therapy
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As they say politics are local and I think people need a simple reminder as to what Obama has done to change the course of direction in the swing states, if the path of trajectory continues, people ...
by NMDan
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I remember hearing w bush speak (when I couldn't avoid it) and finding it amazing; he would start with some completely false premise, then make several whoppers of assertions based on the original ...
by bunsk
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Over the last several months, you could see Cantor sliding ever further to ...
by Don Weaver
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Like most here, I have a day job. However, I do have time for the occasional email repartee with wingnuts. As a regular here and on other blogs, I'm pretty well-informed, and can usually come up ...
by Upper West
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The power of fear and hatred The hate machine in the States Fear-of-everything-all-the-time It saturates the media/radio day after day after day. It doesn’t only have an impact in the States. ...
by KristyAnn
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I received the following email from a conservative friend I know from church ( As an aside there also plenty of non rightwingers in the church. Episcopalians are a diverse lot.) the email ...
by Flaming Liberal for Jesus
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Much of this talk about "violent rhetoric" misses the larger point. Yes, there is much violent talk, but do not allow the focus on the specific calls to violence, ie, sharron angle'a disgusting and ...
by Jay Diamond
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Saturday's tragic shooting in Arizona is the logical result from the fires of hatred that have been stoked by America's neocon propagandists and their avenging queen of apple pie authoritarianism ...
by Encho
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What do we have to little of in America? Conspiracy theories! Especially ...
by Steven D
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At least that' the story the right wingers are pushing today. There is only one little problem with the story. It's a lie. A lie designed to smear our president.
by Casper
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There is a new viral email circulating in right wing circles. It claims that, among the many evils of "Obamacare", every real estate sale will be subject to a new transfer tax of 3.8%. It ...
by Hrubec
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Are you tired of your goofy brother-in-law sending you those crazy and false right wing emails? I get my share of them. So I started thinking, why can't I start one and try to send it around the ...
by Clark04
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I haven't posted a diary in a while. My major involvement with this community over the years has been as a lurker. Any one who remembers me from when I posted more will be happy to know that I have ...
by Nylawstudent
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Wherein I Call Out Anderson Cooper for his Lies and Smears about the Netroots supposed "Engaging in the same tactics as the Right" - and Officially Call for him to correct HIMSELF and ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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I am not sure that it would surprise anyone that biggovernment.com has been caught misrepresenting the news, but USAToday?
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