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What do Philip Roth and John Grisham have in common? Well, they’re both American authors who have written numerous best-sellers. Oh, yeah, an Italian freelance journalist, Tommaso ...
by Dbug
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Too bad it's all a fictional land, (though one apparently Glenn Beck's Project 9/12 website lives in) but still ... Tedd Petruna's email about a passenger preventing a potential hijacking by "A-...
by Steven D
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I know, it's a mind numbing thought, but let's just pretend there's a parallel universe out there where there is actually something "right" about right wing. (More below the fold.)
by nycbassist
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I live in a fairly conservative state, so not surprisingly our airways are contaminated with right-wing talking heads, spreading out right lies, contradictions, and more or less non-factual arguments.
by LiberalKentuckian
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September 22, 2009 For months radio lout Steve Malzberg screamed 10 times a day that "Folks, Barack Obama HATES! this country and his WIFE HATES! this country". And when for over ten years, every ...
by Jay Diamond
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Well, okay, I wrote it but I can only wish he'll deliver it. On the front page, there's a story about Michael "I really am an asshole" Steele talking about wanting veterans to commit suicide. And ...
by oxfdblue
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[Edited for more catchy title] They tried with Death Panels. It fizzled. Now they're trying a new strategy. The VA. A ...
by second gen
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So, being a citizen of the great state of Iowa (yay Obama & yay gay marriage), but with the good, we get the bad: Chuck Grassley. Today, after this townhall craziness, I get mad. If you didn't see.
by newvance
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Greetings from Mississippi, and welcome to my first DailyKos blog entry! I am currently being held prisoner of war in a very, very, very red state. My hobbies include deleting "Obama is the ...
by Red State Hostage
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[http://baracksteleprompter.blogspot.com/ Brarack Obama's Teleprompter, a right wing satire blog] This blogspot blog, "Barack Obama's Teleprompter", is being picked up by Rush Limbaugh and a few ...
by The Progressive Majority
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In fact, no Democrats are Socialists or Communists (at least none that understand what it means to be a Democrat). If any of us were, we would leave the Democratic Party and join one of the many ...
by StevenLeser
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Earlier this week, I noticed the meme about this mysterious "plumber" and Senator Obama wanting to take his money to give to everyone else, already circulating. My diary ...
by Christopher Bair
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Ahhhh... THIS is what I'm talking about! Halperin's take: Get used to it: Land of Lincolner flooding the airwaves with spots galore. You guys said you wanted ...
by irishamerican
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I hate using a fox news video but this shows how these assholes at fox try to create non-issues. This is the full interview Father Pfleger who invited Pastor Wright to speak. http://www.foxnews.com/
by AHiddenSaint
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