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Whenever someone asks me, usually with a voice filled with frustration, “Why do so many lower-middle class whites vote against their own economic self interests by supporting Republicans?”
by Pangloss
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At first, this post by Philip Zelikow at Shadow Government seems like an odd construct: it's not everyday that you see a ...
by chasm
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McCain's swing to the "negative" attacks directly against Barack Obama prior to the Republican National Convention are historically unprecedented, and contrary to the usual strategy for a candidate ...
by tedshubris
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The committee must uphold its original ruling.
by dmoore9504
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This story originally broadcast on Marketplace. Quotes in this story include narrative editing. a By now I'...
by Scoopster
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Really, Seriously. She said she hated all of you. That you are all evil-evil people. She also said that if all of the 2000 people who came to see her in Harrisburg today had voted for her in ...
by Swain111
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I believe we have been fooled for far too long. We have misplaced our anger. MSM keeps us shielded and Huckabee is a perfect example of the control our government/NeoCons have over the MSM. You have ...
by ghett
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This is what the surge was sold to us as: A short term increase in the number of troops to stabilize Baghdad and facilitate training. The surge we are experiencing now is nothing of the kind. We ...
by Sam Wise Gingy
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Changing my diary to what I originally wanted to post (still work in progress). Human Rights USA files lawsuit against Yahoo! Inc. and its ...
by aaraujo
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by karmsy
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